Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #64

60 minutes
hosts: Tim & Ruth

1. The Offbeats "Society
2. The Zero Boys "High Places"
3. De Kreutzen "This Hope"
4. Learned Helplessness "Veggies"
5. The Gerbels "No Way"
6. The Slammies "Frustrated"
7. A & P "Landsburg"
8. I Refuse It
9. Guest: Stefano, singer of I Refuse It, from Florence, Italy
(one of the few hardcore bands in Italy)
10. Cheetah Chrome & The Mother F'rs "Terrorist"
11. The Odds "Living In An Angry World"
12. The Outcasts "You're A Disease"
13. The Offs "Johnny Too Bad"
14. The Insane "El Salvador"
15. Guest: Wayne Didsall (sp?), formally from The Ready Mades
(now works with Amnesty International)
16. Mufungo "El Salvador"
17. Capital Punishment "El Salvador"

(18,19,20,21 are all Finnish thrash bands...spelling?)

18. Tarvikatet "Piece of Your Pasca"
19. The Bastards "Lohta"
20. Koho 63 "Evil Pesu"
21. Nukitiari "Lobotka"
22. Void "Explode"
23. No Thanks "Bleep the Past"
24. Ess "Full of Change"

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