Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #152

tape #152
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Ian (of Dischord records), Jeff, Jello
Guests: Butthole Surfers
1. Laughing Nose “Perdition”
from the West Coast:
2. The Wimpy Dicks “Flags Fly, People Die”
3. Ill Repute “Did I Have Fun?”
4. Plain Wrap “There Is No God”
from the DC area:
5. Deadline 
6. Gray Matter “Oscar’s Eye”
7. Grandmal “Binge Purge”
8. Don Zentera (engineer for Dischord) “rap song by Ronald Reagan”
from the East Coast:
9. U.S. Chaos “U.S. Chaos” (New Jersey)
10. Major Conflict “Not Just A Song” (NY)
11.  Flag of Democracy “Babysitter” (Philadelphia)
12. Stoney Burke “Homes for the Homeless”
13. Butthole Surfers
14. Guest: Butthole Surfers
15. Butthole Surfers “Lady Sniff”
16. Butthole Surfers “Concubine”
from Hungary:
17. Jovelet Nagy Faro Bikini #1 “Who’s Gonna Make Some Soda” part 2
18. Jovelet Nagy Faro Bikini #1 “Oh Yes, It’s Been Upset”
19. Jovelet Nagy Faro Bikini #1 “Birthday Saw”
from the Midwest:
20.Killdozer “A Man’s Got To Be A Man To Be A Man” (Wisconsin)
21. The Zero Boys “I Need Energy”

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #151

tape #151
60 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jumpin Jeff, Jello
Guests: Ted Falconi of Flipper, Walter – manager for BGK (Holland)

1. Körö "Acid Casualty" (Knoxville, TN)

from the East Coast:
2. The Moving Targets "Selfish" (Boston, MA)
3. The White Pigs "Killcop" (Hartford, CN)
4. Sorry "One More Step" (Boston, MA)

5. Guest: Ted Falconi of Flipper
7. Flipper "In Life My Friend"

from the U.K.:
8. Null and Void "Cold War"
9. Atrox "Kill"
10. The Disrupters "Bomb Heaven"
11. Outrage "Society Wins"

International set:
12. Mob 47 "Vi Rustar Dom Dör" (Sweden)
13. Extrem "Vorheilen ist besser als beugen" (Austria)
14. Ratas de Porao "Obrigando A Obedecer" (Brazil)
15. The Bedruvlers (Sweden)

16. BGK (Holland)
17. Guest: Walter, manager for BGK’s American tour BGK (Holland)

Neo-60s set:
18. The Chesterfield Kings "She Told Me Lies"
19. The Mystic Eyes "Enough of What I Need"
20. Electric Peace "Sniper on a Rooftop"
21. The Great Miracle Workers "Flashing Red Light" (Pacific Northwest)
22. The Sharp Turn "Everybody Knows But Me"

from the Southwest:
23. Corfu "War Poles" (Albuquerque, NM)
24.None Of The Above "Riot Kids" (Tulsa, OK)
25. Buddy Hinton’s Revenge (Salt Lake City, UT)

from Canada:
26. Some Weird Sin "Sky’s The Limit"

from Albuquerque:
27. Corfu "I Can’t Read"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #148

tape #148
61 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Ruth, Vinny (from Germany - Nasty Facts Fanzine), Michael Board (World Class Punk compilation)
Guests: People who were involved in demonstrations that took place during the Democratic Convention. David (War Chest Tours), Mickey …

1. from Switzerland: MD

from the East Coast:
2. God’s Will "Human Jukebox" (Virginia)
3. Damage "Trendy" (Florida)
4. Chronic Disorder "Point Counter-Point" (Connecticut)
No Control "Vicious Attack" (NYC)

from Italy:
6. Claxon "Riot"
7. Stalag 17 "Nobel Pe L’ora"
8. Dictatrista "Guerra"
9. Raw Power "Politicians"

from Germany:
Toxic Plasma "Bunker Party"
11. Motek "Count John"
12. Porno Patrol "White Gown"
13. The Rest "The Edge"

on the protests against Jerry Falwell & the Moral Majority, the Democratic War Chest Tours, the Rock against Racism concert, police misconduct during the Democratic Convention

from France:
14. No Class – "L’ Affaire"

from Finland:
15. The Bastards

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #125

tape #125
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff & Ruth
Guest: Condemned to Death

1. The Offenders "Direct Defiance"

from the East Coast:
2. Jerry’s Kids "Crucify Me"
3. Mission for Christ "Psyche"
4. No Trend "Fashion for the Eighties"
5. Freeze "Sickly Sweet"

from England:
6. Destructors "Kymer Rogue Boogie"
7. The Vibrators "MX America"
8. Carnage "All the Sad People"
9. Impact "Law of the Land"

from Europe:
10. Tervet Kadet (Finland)
11. FKK Strand Vixe (Germany)
12. Mob 47 (Sweden)
13. The Razor Blades "Unite" (Denmark)
14. The Bristles "Don’t Give Up" (Sweden)

15. Condemned to Death "Media Control"
16. Guest: Condemned to Death
17. Condemned to Death "Why the Ocean Goes"
18. Guest again – giving contact info

from the Midwest:
19. Flesh Columns "Ban Nestle’s Products"
20. Savage Beliefs "Big Big Sky"
21. Human Suffrage
22. The State "Subvert"

from France:
23. Vunderbach
24. Les Electrodes
25. L’Horde
26. La Cerle de Lingue
27. Ober Kampk

28. Septic Death "Advantage"