Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #133

tape #133
57 minutes
hosts: Tim, Steve, Jeff
guest: The Offenders from Austin, TX

1. Jerry’s Kids “Insanity” (Albuquerque)

from the East Coast:
2. Morning Noise “Laser Lights” (New Jersey)
3. The Misfits “Demonomania” (New Jersey)
4. Marginal Man “Pandora’s Box” (DC)
5. Vatican Commandos “Let Down Again” (Connecticut)
6. Disorderly Conduct (NY)

from England:
7. The Ejected “24 Years”
8. Active “Shout”
9. Red Alert “The Revolution Will Come”

from Germany:
10. ZSD “Sex”
11. The Nicotines “Geiserfauer”
12. Razzia “Kriegsterstand”
13. Vas Caps “You Think”

14. The Offenders “What It’s About” (Austin, TX)
15. Guest: The Offenders
16. The Offenders “Youth Riot”

from Canada, late 70s punk:
17. The Viletones “Screaming Fist”
18. Arson “Coho? Coho!”
19. Forgotten Rebels “Angry”
20. Lowlife “Thinking Naturally”

from the West Coast:
21. Pariah “Inside, Looking Out”
22. The Sluglords “FTW” (San Francisco)
23. 10,000 Hertz “Youth in Crisis” (CA)
24. Agent Orange “Out Of Limits” (CA)

from the Midwest:
25. Human Suffrage “100% Middle-Class” (Columbus, OH)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #132

tape #132
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff, Ruth

from Nevada:
1. Seven Seconds “Fight Your Own Fight”

from the South:
2. White Cross “American Way” (Virginia)
3. NOTA “Sick Society” (Tulsa, OK)
4. The Stillborn Christians “New Right” (NC)
5. DDT “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” (Atlanta, GA)
6. The Dissapointed Parents “Am I Getting Through?” (Louisiana)
7. Hated Youth “Hardcore Rules” (Talahassee, FL)

from England:
8. Anthrax “Got It All Wrong”
9. The Apostles “The Stoke Newington Adolph”
10. Chaos U.K.“Insane Youth”
11. Anti-Sect
12. The Werkers “Don’t Conform”
13. The Exploited “Rival Leaders”

from Texas:
14. The Big Boys “Same Old Blues”
15. Bombsquad “Punishment Time”
16. Doomsday Massacre “Attack”
17. The Butthole Surfers “Something”

from Italy:
18. Indigesti “No Al Sistema”
19. Raw Power “Fuck Authority”
20. Nabat “Sensa Soldi, Sensa Casa”
21. Declino “Mortale Tristeza”

Best of the Year’s Neo-60s:
22. The Nomads “Have Love, Will Travel” (Sweden)
23. The Barracudas “The Next Time Around”
24. The Left “You’re So ---”
25. The Liars “Help You Ann” (Boston)
26. The Banana Men “The Crusher” (England)
27. The Miracle Workers “Infected With You”

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #131

tape #131
61 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Jeff, Ruth

Greatest Hits of ’83, Part 2

1. Sado-Nation “We’re Not Equal” (Portland, OR)
2. Jerry’s Kids “Crucify Me” (Boston, MA)
3. The Freeze “Voices From My Window”
4. DYS “Brotherhood”
5. SSD “Under The Influence” (Boston, MA)
6. The Proletariat“ Torn Curtain”

German Set
7. Inferno “Got ist tot”
8. The Upright Citizens “The End”
9. Bas Kaps “Keinmet Leid”
10. Fer Krieze Fas “Starved to Death”

Southern California Set
11. Suicidal Tendencies “Institutionalize”
12. Youth Brigade “Sink With California”
13. Anti “Your Government’s Calling You”

Holland Set
14. BGK “Electroshock” (Amsterdam)
15. Mornington Crescent “In Bed” (Amsterdam)
16. Agent Orange “Dope” (Amsterdam)
17. Zmid “Lose It”

D.C. Set
18. Government Issue “Teenager In A Box”
19. Scream “Solidarity”
20. United Mutation “Pass Out”
21. Minor Threat “Out of Step”

Canadian Set
22. The Neos “Destruct” (Vancouver)
23. Unnatural Silence “Culture Blank” (Summerland, B.C.)
24. Youth Youth Youth “Greed” (Toronto)
25. Red Tide “Nato Actionaut” (Victoria, B.C.)

European Set
26. Electric Deads “Fish In A Pool” (Denmark)
27. Kidnap “No SS” (France)
28. Threstier “Laj” (Yugoslavia)
29. Las Vulpes “Inquisicion” (Spain)

30. The Wipers “Romeo” (Portland, OR)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #130

tape #130
58 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Jeff

Greatest Hits of ’83, Part 1
1. The Stalin “Nothing” (Japan)

Mid-West Set
2. The State “Attention” (Ann Arbor, MI)
3. Husker Du “Deadly Skies”
4. The Necros “Take ‘em up”
5. Articles of Faith “Buy This War”
6. Die Kreuzen “Think For Me”

Finland Set
7. Terveet Kädet “Halloween”
8. Riistetyt “Schizophrenia”
9. Tampere Ss “Sotaa”
10. Rattus “WC Rajahtaa”
11. Pandix “Piene heinen”

Northern California Set
12. DRI “Sad To Be”
13. Crucifix “Rise and Fall”
14. The Avengers “We Are The One”
15. The Dicks “Bourgeois Fascist Pig”
16. MDC “Multi Death Corporation”

Sweden Set
17. The Skitslickers “Späckta snutskallar”
18. The Headcleaners “Death Threat”
19. Existenz “Guri Boss”
20. TST “Feed The Hungry”
21. Unter Den Linden “Fat Boys”

English Set
22. Disorder “Rampton Song”
23. Anti-System “Animal Welfare”
24. Mayhem “Gentle Murder”
25. Ultra-Violent “Degeneration”

East Coast Set
26. Adrenaline OD “Status Symbol” (New Jersey)
27. Reflex From Pain “Holy Pictures” (Connecticut)
28. Send Help “Buffy’s Dead” (New Jersey)
29. CIA “Hazard” (Connecticut)

New York Set
30. Cause For Alarm “United Races”
31. The Nihilistics “Badge of Shame”
32. Satan’s Cheerleaders “We Want You”
33. Heart Attack “English Fucks”

34. Olho Seco “Nada” (Brazil)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #157

tape #157
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
Guests: Eric from Thrash Tracks Fanzine, Vancouver, B.C. (former member of Apostasy)

1. The Verukers “Who Pays?” (England)

Midwest set:
2. Toothpaste (Chicago)
3. The Active Ingredient “Service With A Smile” (Kentucky)
4. The Art Thieves (Wisconsin)
5. Die Kreuzen (Milwaukee, WI)
6. Hüsker Dü “Pride” (Minneapolis, MN)

West coast set:
7. Aerobic Death “Penis Envy” (Washington)
8. The Grim “Sunday School”
9. The Dicks “Legacy of Man” (Texas)
10. DRI - Dirty Rotten Imbeciles “Madman” (Houston, TX)
11. Atrocity (Berkeley, CA)

International set:
12. Les Colabos “…in the W.C.” (France)
13. Ira “Posers .. d’intorni” (Italy)
14. Outrageous “Say Cheese” (Holland)
15. Schund “Stand Up” (Austria)

16. House of Commons “Downtown” (Vancouver, B.C.)
17. Guest: Eric from Thrash Tracks Fanzine, Vancouver, B.C. (former member of Apostasy)
18. SNFU “Victims of the Womanizer” (Edmonton, B.C.)
19. Unnatural Silence “No Victory” (B.C.)
20. Canada’s Favorite Sport” (Vancouver, B.C.)

East coast set:
21. The Money Dogs “New Wave” (NYC)
22. Mental Decay “Garden State” (New Jersey)
23. Weddings Done Cheap “Resistance” (Maryland)
24. The Knockabouts (Alabama)

Two from England:
25. 4-Skins “Evil”
26. The Legion of Parasites “Condemned to Live in Fear”