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Maximum Rock N Roll - August 21, 1984

No playlist for this one. Please send it to us if you have it!

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Maximum Rock N Roll - August 14, 1984

No playlist for this one. Please send it to us if you have it!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #171

tape #171
60 minutes
air date on LUVeR:
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff

1. E-13 “Misguided Missile Mouth” (Oregon)

from California:
2. The Rotters “Howard Hughes”
3. The Hags “Die In My Sleep” (So. Cal.)
4. Mad Parade “Frightened Again” (So. Cal.)
5. The Breakouts “Start Now” (San Francisco)

new English stuff:
6. Major Accident “Cue The Dead”
7.   The Folk Devils “Nice People”
8. Protest “Beating The Meat”
9. Those Obnoxious Types “Glad I’m Sick”

from around the world:
10. Terveet Kädet
11. Juggernaut “Everything From Near” (Italy)
12. Tin Can Army “Guten Morgen BFD” (Germany)
13. TST “Sweden” (Sweden)
14. Pandemonium “Computer Play” (Holland)
15. Vonbrigdi “Manst Skeptnur” (Iceland)
16. Funeral Oration “Ultra Waste” (Holland)

odds and ends:
17. Asbestos Rockpile “Industrial Religion” (Maryland)
18. Leather Nun (Sweden)
19. Eraserhead “Obedience” (U.K.)
20. Gray Shadows “Gray Shadows” (Italy)
21. The Replacements “We’re Coming Out”
22. Negative Trend “Mercenaries”

23. Los Peos “A Bailar” (Argentina)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #170

tape #170
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Steve Spinali, Ruth, Chris from “No Milk…”
guests: Chris from No Milk On Tuesday (from Connecticut)

1. White Noise “Silent Pain” (Calgary, Canada)

A Musical Quiz: Early English Punk bands that turned into New Wave Bands
2. Johnny and the Self-Abusers “Saints and Sinners” ◊ turned into Simple Minds
3. The Members “Fear In The Streets”
4. Warsaw “All This For You” ◊ turned into Joy Division & New Order
5. The Raped “Moving Target” ◊ turned into The Cuddly Toys

6. guest: Chris from No Milk On Tuesday
7. No Milk On Tuesday “Polyester Pigs” (Connecticut)

from the East Coast:
8. The Ramones “Endless Vacation” (NYC)
9. Prisoners of Conscience “Trapped” (Pleasantville, NY)
10. Ring Of Fire “Favorite Gun” (NY)
11. SSD “Words That Kill”

more from the East Coast:
12. The Raunch Hands “Stampede” (NJ)
13. The Corpse Grinder “Child of the 4th Reich” (NY)
14. Adrenaline O.D. “Middle Aged Whore”
15. The Fuck Yous “Beast In My Bed”

roots of Midwest garage music:
16. The Panics “We’re The Best Band from Bloomington” (Bloomington, IN)
17. MX-80 Sound “Boy Trouble Girl Trouble”
18. The Jetsons “Genetically Stupid”
19. The Gizmos “Mean Screen”
20. Zero Boys “New Generation”

California punk:
21. RKL [Rich Kids on LSD] “No Respect” (Santa Barbara)
22. Love Canal “Elevator To Hell” (So. Cal.)
23. The Vandals “Airstream” (So. Cal.)
24. The Part-Time Christians
25. AFU “High On The Hog”

26. Chronic Submission “Four Points” (Toronto, Canada)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #169

tape #169
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Pus-head
guests: Death Sentence from Vancouver, Canada

1. Corrosion of Conformity “Prayer”

from Europe:
2. War of Destruction “Nutid-Fremtid” (Denmark)
3. London ’77 (Italy)
4. Cocks In Stained Satin “Suff Zeit” (Germany)
5. Nu R∫t “State Brain” (Holland)

from the U.K.:
6. Reality Control “Tears of Blood”
7.  Picture-Frame Seduction  “Sabotage The Classes”
8.  English Dogs “Never Die”
9. Post-Mortem “A Mental Scar You Won’t Forget”

a set from Pus-head:
10. Poison Idea “Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes”
11. Final Warning
12. UNICEF (Finland)
13. The Instigators “Blood On Your Hands”
14. Hellhammer (Switzerland)

15. Death Sentence (Vancouver)
16. guests: Death Sentence from Vancouver, Canada
17. Death Sentence “RCMP”

from Texas:
18. Larry And The Bluenotes “In and Out”
19. The Buccaneers “You Got What I Want”
20. Kid And The Outlaws “Don’t Tread On Me”

21. The By Fives “I Saw You Walking”
22. Chaz And The Classics “Girl Of The 13th Hour”
23. Nobody’s Children “Good Times”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #167

tape #167
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve Spinali

1. Red Cross

International Set:
2. The Destructions “Trade Union” (Finland)
3. Sune Studs “Var Dagliga Dod”  (Sweden)
4. The Vermines “Bad Childhood” (France)
5. Kaos  (Finland)
6. Nick’s Negative “Anti-Nazi” (Sweden)

From England:
7. The Subhumans “Labels”
8. Faction “The Dark”
9. Paranoia “Man In Black”
10. The Membranes “Spike Mulligan’s Tape Recorder”
11. GBH “Do What You Do”
12. Onslaught “Black House of Famine”

from Canada:
13. The Asexuals “BFD”
14. The Unwanted “Who’s To Judge”
15. The Unruled “Time Is Running Out”

from the Low Countries (‘78-’80):
16. The Kids “Bloody Belgium” (Belgium)
17. Ivy Green “Another Subculture Going Bad” (Holland)
18. The Speed Twins “Bombing The Jukebox” (Holland)
19. Uha de Straks “Crisis” (Holland)
20. Trockener Kecks “Mycea” (Holland)

from Australia:
21. Perdition “The Last Hour”
22. The Undertakers “Danger In My Mind”
23. Wrong Kind of Stone Age “Run Amok”

24. Futile Effort (Trenton, NJ)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #166

tape #166
61 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, The Pus, Steve Spinali
guests: Bones (from 76% Uncertain) & Jeff R. (who used to work on COD fanzine, Connecticut)

1. N.O.T.A. “Toy Soldiers”

from the Midwest:
2. Naked Ray Gun “Stupid” (Chicago)
3. Scooter And The Worms “Searching Sister’s Room”  (Michigan)
4. Articles of Faith “Five O’ Clock” (Chicago)
5. Juvenile Truth “Lost Friend” (Wisconsin)

stuff with a 60s influence:
6. New Christs “Sun God” (Australia)
7. The Catatonics “Beltway Beat” (Baltimore)
8. The Hopelessly Obscure “She’s My Best Bette” (Boston)
9. The Fallen Angels “Amphetamine Blue” (UK)
10. The Dogs “Never Come Back” (France)

another global journey:
11. Electronaze (France)
12. The Maniacs “Violence” (Germany)
13. Funeral Oration (Holland)
14. Tin Can Army (Germany)

15. 76% Uncertain (Connecticut)
16. guests: Bones (from 76% Uncertain), Jeff R. (who used to work on COD fanzine, Connecticut)
17. Lost Generation “Slap The Monkey” (Connecticut)

from the West Coast:
18. Black Flag “My Ghetto”
19. The Pop-O-Pies “I Love NY”
20. The Pop-O-Pies “A Political Song”
21. Flipper “Talk’s Cheap”

from the East Coast:
22. Sorry “No Concern”  (Boston)

from Texas
23. Meat Joy “Proud To Be Stupid” (Austin)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #165

tape #165
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve

1. Subterfuge “Mercury” (Las Vegas)

2. Death Sentence “Violence” (Vancouver)
3. The Stretch Marks “What Did You See?” (Winnipeg)

New stuff from Europe:
4. Solia del D’ore “Verde” (Italy)
5. Reality Control
6. Chaotic Discord “Death to Disco”
7. Faction “War” (England)
8.   The Idiots “Junge komm bald wieder” (Germany)
9.   De Bogies “A-Social 81”(Holland)

from the Midwest:
10. Guild of Pain “Fury” (Michigan)
11. No More War “Nuclear Fear”
12. Soul Asylum “Money Talks”
13. Sacred Cows “Abandoned By History”
14. Plastic Land “Elongation”
15. Die Kreuzen “On The Street”

from the East Coast:
16. Vatican Commandos “Point Me To The End, parts 1&2” (Connecticut)
17. The Freeze “No One Is Ever Coming Home” (Boston)
18. Homo Picnic “Blind” (Philadelphia)
19. No Milk On Tuesday “Kill Myself With Drugs” (Connecticut)

from Texas:
20. Scratch Acid “Greatest Gifts” (San Antonio)
21. Napalm
22. 3-Day Stubble “Jesse Boy”
23. Butthole Surfers

from the D.C. area
24. Assault and Battery “Evidence”
25. Braille Party (Maryland)

26. Subterranean “How Ya Feelin’”

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #164

tape #164
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve Spinali
guests: Winnie from Germany who puts out Nasty Facts fanzine, Felipe from France who does a radio show, Tony of BGK (Holland).

1. The Mutes (Cheney, WA)

from the West Coast:
2. Kilroy “The Battle”
3. MIA “Turn Into What You Hate”
4. MDC “Pay To Come Along”
5. Decry “My Bloody Dream”

from Europe:
6. Blutbad (Holland)
7. Negazione  (Italy)
8. Terveet Kadet “Message” (Finland)
9. Riistetyt “Totaalinen Tuho” (Finland)
10. Rutto “Musta Loppu”  (Finland)

from Japan:
11. Michiro Endo “Japanese Graduation Song”
12. - unknown -
13. Gism “Endless Blockade For The Pussyfooter”
14. Star Club “Hello New Punks”

15. Heimat Los (France)
16. guests: Winnie from Germany who puts out Nasty Facts fanzine, Felipe from France who does a radio show, Tony of BGK (Holland).
17. The Upright Citizens (Germany)

from the East Coast:
18. Child Abuse “Life Of Them” (NJ)
19. Bloody Mannequin Orchestra “Cauldron Of Fright” (DC area)
20. 76% Uncertain “Decision” (Connecticut)

from the Southwest:
21. N.O.T.A. “Taking Away Your Rights”
22. - did not announce -

23. The Yobs “Armageddon”

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #163

tape #163
62 minutes
air date on LUVeR: 11/21/02
hosts: Tim, Steve Spinali, Ruth, Winnie
guests: Franco from MDC, Eric -  DJ on pirate radio station in Amsterdam

1. Oi Polloi “Punks and Skins Unite” (England)

from the West Coast:
2. Crankshaft “Army Of The Dead”
3. Youth Brigade “What Price Happiness”
4. Subterfuge “Legal Who?” (Las Vegas)
5. America’s Hardcore “Born Prejudice”
6. Corfu “I Can’t Read” (Colorado)
7. The Dickies “Gigantor”

8. The Fuzztones “Bad News Travels Fast” (NY)
9. The Vipers “Never Alone”
10. The Illegal Aliens “War” (Columbus, OH)

from the East Coast
11. Scream “Fight”
12. Agnostic Front
13. Little Gentleman “Silent Song”
14. Government Issue “Religious Rip-Off”
15. Artius 8 “Murderers” (NY)

16. guest: Franco from MDC, with updated information on what’s been happening to people who were arrested during the Democratic convention.

Scandinavian set
17. Appendix “I’m Scared” (Finland)
18. Arabens Anus “Himmer o fjord” (Sweden)
19. Siste Dagers Helveete “Blomster Av Plastikk” (Norway)
20. Rattus “Kum Pome e on Pudo Dettu” (Finland)
21. Svart Framtid “Når Bomba Kommer” (Norway)

from the Midwest
22. Techno Primitivism “Gut Reagan” (Michigan)
23. The Breeders “Zen Punk” (Champagne, IL)

24. De Koch “Before You Go” (Rotterdam)
25. guest: Eric, DJ on pirate radio station in Amsterdam
26. BGK “White Male Dominance” (Amsterdam)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #162

tape #162* (see date reference below)
62 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Brian “Pusshead”
guests: Perry & Bob of Culturcide (Houston), Jonathan from Stanglehold (Boston)

1. Musical Suicide “Guns and Ammo” (Cincinnati, OH)

from England:
2. The Ejected “Afghan Rebels”
3. Vicious Rumors “Vicious Rumors”
4. Paranoia “Graveyard of Hell”
5. Dole Q “Action Packed”
6. Nick Toczeck’s Britanarchists “Stiff With A Quiff”

from Europe:
7. Aus 98 “Schwarze Raben” (Germany)
8. Porno Patrol “Forget It” (Germany)
9. The Bristles “Last Survivor” (Sweden)
10. Nebenwirkung “Total Voll” (Germany)
11. TDP “AJZ” (Switzerland)

West Coast set:
12. Code of Honor “Don’t Tell Me”
13. Stukas Over Bedrock “Life Like Yogi”
14. The Minutemen “Nothing Indeed”
15. Toxic Reasons “Can’t Get Away”

16. Culturcide  (Houston)
17. Guest: Perry & Bob of Culturcide
18. Culturcide “The Star Spangled Banner”

Brian’s set:
19. STD “The Operation” (Tennessee)
20. F “Citizen’s Arrest” (Florida)
21. Coral “It’s OK” (Tennessee)

22. Jello Biafra & Stoney Burke from the Dallas Republican Convention (August 20-23, 1984)
23. Guest: Jonathan from Stanglehold (Boston)
24. Stranglehold “She’s Not Leaving”

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #161

tape #161
55 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
guest: Reagan Youth  (Dave Insurgent, Vic Venom, Joey Tuck, Rick) & BGK from Holland

1. The Johnnies “Government Don’t Care” (New Zealand)

from Japan:
2. Cobra “No Money”
3. G-Zet  (untitled song)
4. Masturbation  (untitled song)
5. Gas “No More Hiroshima”
6. Dead Cops “Death To The Rich”

7. Reagan Youth “New Aryan” (NY)
8. Guest: Reagan Youth  (Dave Insurgent, Vic Venom, Joey Tuck, Rick)
9. Reagan  Youth “Brave New World”

from Spain:
10. R.I.P. “Brigada Criminal”
11. Siniestro Total “Luna Sobre Marin”
12. TNT “Habitacion 101”
13. Shit SA “Fucking Shit”

from Holland:
14. BGK “Race Riot” (Amsterdam)
15. Guest: BGK
16. BGK

17. Love Canal “Greatest Sports Legends”

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #79

tape #79
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
guest: Paul (from Zero Boys) & Joy (from Learned Helplessness)

Side One
1. The Nostrils “Mal contents”

from the East Coast:
2. Freeze “Voices From My Window”
3. Fatalities “Reagonomics”
4. Lost Generation “Silent Stranger”
5. Crib Death “Middle-Class Morals”

from Europe:
6. The Vomit Visions
7. Stalag 12
8. Der Derstogmam

from So. Cal.:
9. 5051 “El Salvador”
10. Red Beret “I Can’t Stand It”

from No. Cal.:
11. JIA (Justis in America) “John Hinkley”
12. Dead Kennedy’s “Government Flu”
13. Executioner
14. Police State “Police State”
15. Double Cross “Prisoner of Government”

16. Zero Boys “Down the Drain”
17. Guests: Paul (from Zero Boys) & Joy (from Learned Helplessness)

Side Two
1. Guests continue & play the new Repellents’ ep (from Anderson, Indiana)
2. Repellents “Waste of Time”
3. Repellents “Freak Show”
4. Guests continue & play new Killing Children ep (from Columbus, Indiana)
5. Killing Children “Happy Mutants for Nuclear Energy”
6. Killing Children “Certain Death”

from the MidWest:
7. The Agitated “Red Flag”
8. Big Black “Rip”
9. The Anti-Bodies “Anti-Pac-Man”
10. The End “I Don’t Wanna”
11. The Seismic Waves “IRS”

from Scotland:
12. Toy Dolls “Dig That Groove Baby”
13. The Chaps “Rawhide”
14. The Optimists (a Paul McCartney song)

15. Husker Du “Target”

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #78

tape #78
60 minutes
hosts: Tim & Jeff
Greatest Hits of ’82, Part 2

Side one
1. Oyo Seco (from Brazil)

from Boston:
2. Gangrene  “I Got Rabies”
3. SSD Control “Boiling Point”
4. Jerryskins “Machine Gun”
5. Negative FX “Hazardous Waste”

from England:
6. Baruckers “No Masters No Slaves”
7. Chelsea “War Across Nation”
8. The Exploited “Alternative”
9. The Blitz “Never Surrender”

from So. Cal.:
10. F-Troop “Last Rites”
11. Black Flag “Rise Above”
12. Bad Religion “The Voice of God & Government”
13. The Minutemen “Working Men Are Pissed”
14. Battalion of Saints “No More Lies”

from Europe:
15. Kaosz “Zwang” (Germany)
16. OHL (Germany)
17. R.A.F. Punk (Italy)

Side two
from the Midwest:
1. The Necros “Bad Dream”
2. Cricifucks “Hinkley Had a Vision”
3. Toxic Reasons “How Do You Feel”
4. Zero Defects “Life is Worse”

from No. Cal.:
5. Los Olvidados “Pay Salvation”
6. Crucifix “Prejudice”
7. Pariah “Learning Process”
8. ? “Metal”

from So. Cal.:
9. The Angry Samoans
10. Red Cross “Kill Someone You Hate”
11. The Vandals “Anarchy Burger”
12. Sin34 “Nuclear War”

from the Midwest:
13. Zero Boys “Drug Free Youth”
14. Willful Neglect “Abort Commission”
15. Husker Du “In a Free Land”
16. Articles of Faith “What We Want is Free”

17. Restitut “Fuck Off Nazi Bastards”

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #139

tape #139
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
guest: Maria Estrada, & Tom Burdon of CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador)

1. Indirect “EO” (Holland)

from the West coast:
2. Battalion of Saints “Second Coming” (San Diego)
3. Black Flag “My War”
4. American Social Holocaust “New Alliances” (Pleasant Hill)
5. The Feederz “1984”
6. Target of Demand “Man’s Ruin”

new English stuff:
7. The Varukers “Led to the Slaughter”
8. The Mao Maos “Facts of War”
9. Fallout “Do It”
10. The Destructors “TV Eye”

from the Midwest:
11. Sluggo “Figure It Out”
12. *** lost in the tape flip-over
13. *** lost in the tape flip-over
14. Rights of the Accused - R.O.T.A. (Chicago)

15. guest: Maria Estrada, recently returned from a trip to El Salvador, & Tom Burdon of CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador)

from Germany & Denmark:
16. Melonheads “Hoax” (Germany)
17. Inferno “Ronald Reagan” (Germany)
18. 0 Point “Mr. Right Guy” (Denmark)
19. City X “Computer Following” (Denmark)
20. A War of Destruction “Lob” (Denmark)
21. Electric Deads “Fish In A Pool” (Denmark)

22. Tesco Vee “God’s Bullies”

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #138

tape #138
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff, Ruth
guest: The Naked Lady Wrestlers: Max Volume, John

1. Toxic Reasons “Destroyer”

from the East coast:

2. The Burnt “Industrial Accident” (NJ)
3. Bad Posture “Get Tough” (NY)
4. Bill Elliot “Tell Me Why I Should Care About You”

from England:
5. The Insane “Berlin Wall”
6. Riot Squad “Government Schemes”
7. The Lost Cherries “Sexism’s Sick, Part 1”
8. Crass “You’re Already Dead”
9. The Sceptics “Vendetta”

from Australia:
10. Depression “World Leaders”
11. Box of Fish “Sex Cat Killer”
12. World War 24 “Heart Attack”
13. End Result “No Brains On Tap”

live from the Oval Office at the White House:
14. The Naked Lady Wrestlers “Lone Ranger theme”
15. guest: The Naked Lady Wrestlers (Max Volume & John)
16. The Naked Lady Wrestlers “Happy Birthday, Punk”

from Spain:
17. Ultimo Resort “Policia Nacional”
18. Ratas “Toreros after Ole”
19. R.I.P. “Anti-Militaire”
20. Slips Y Sperma “They Are The Law”

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #137

tape #137
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
guest: Sean from Last Rites Fanzine & Dave from WZRD, Chicago

1. Spike In Vain “Children in the Subway” (OH)

from the West coast:
2. Condemned To Death “D-Day”
3. Mr. Epp and The Calculations “Non-conformity Socks” (Seattle)
4. Confederate “Written Laws” (So. Cal)
5. Hated Principles “Devil’s Food” (So. Cal)
6. DRI “Couch Slouch” (SF/Texas)

from the East Coast:
7. Verbal Assault “Church Hypocrisy” (RI)
8. Why Die? (YDI) “Get up and Fight / Zombie Youth” (Philadelphia)
9. Violent Children “Split Screen” (CN)
10. Sector 4 “Time” (FL)
11. Borscht “No Morality” (NY)

from Canada:
12. Forgotten Rebels “Tell Me You Love Me” (Ontario)
13. Teenage Head “Picture My Face” (Toronto)
14. The Diodes “Tired of Waking Up Tired” (Toronto)
15. Pointed Sticks “Somebody’s Mom” (Vancouver)

16. Naked Ray Gun “Bombshelter” (Chicago)
17. Guest: Sean from Last Rites Fanzine, Dave from WZRD, Chicago
18. Articles of Faith “False Security”

a set to highlight a current controversy in punk … religion:
19. Alternative “Antichrist”
20. The Subhumans UK “Religious Wars”
21. The Mao Maos “Religious Rites”
22. Fallout “Religious Carnage” (Italy)

23. Cock Sparrer “Where Are They Now?”

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #136

tape #136
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
guest: The Crucifucks, on tour from Lansing, MI

1. SNFU “Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy” (Edmonton, Canada)

from the East Coast:
2. Marginal Man “Identity” (DC)
3. The Pajama Slavedancers “The Last Angry Man” (Western Mass.)
4. Faith “No Choice”
5. No Thanks “Brainwash” (NY)
6. Fatal Vision “Grass and Sheep Saga” (NY)

from England:
7. Protest “Hypocrite”
8. The Defects “Song for Mark Walker”
9. Crowbar “Hippie Punks”
10. Broken Bones “Decapitated”

a psychedelic punk set:
11. White Light “William”
12. The Prodigal “You’ve Got Me”
13. The Esquires “Come on, Come on”
14. Knights Bridge “Make Me Some Love” (TX)
15. The Stereo Shoestring “On The Road South”

16. The Crucifucks “Hinckley Had a Vision” (Lansing, MI)
17. Guest: The Crucifucks
18. The Crucifucks “I Am the Establishment”

from all over Europe:
19. The Destructions “The Party of Flies” (Finland)
20. Skitt Lars “Control Central en Hersker” (Norway)
21. Kansan Uutiset “Cheerless Morning, Part 2” (Finland)
22. Ingron Hutlos (Sweden)

23. Septic Death “Quit”

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #135

tape #135
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve, Jeff
guest: Bonnie, Olga, & Dickie of The Toy Dolls

1. The Knockabouts “Where’s My Vietnam?” (Alabama)

from England:
2. Uproar “Shoot To Kill”
3. The Sick Things “Anti-Social Disease”
4. The Oppressed “Victims”

5. The Toy Dolls
6. Guest: Bonnie, Olga, & Dickie of The Toy Dolls
7. The Toy Dolls

Scandinavian set:
8. Sensuuri “Tulevaisuus on sensuroitu” (Finland)
9. Hellhound “Tach sen uha illa” (Finland)
10. Ebba Gron “Folk Bits” (Sweden)
11. Problems? “Kävelen ympyrää” (Finland)

Belgium & Holland set:
12. Moral Demolition “Police State” (Belgium)
13. The Sexy Bullocks “Money Money” (Belgium)
14. Blitzkrieg “System Needs War” (Holland)
15. Zyklome A “Somewhere They’re Still Fighting” (Belgium)
16. Holland’s Glory “V” (Holland)
17. Pandemonium “Amok” (Holland)

from the Midwest:
18. Paris In The Spring “Butcher Dolly”
19. Negative Approach “Tied Down”
20. Blight “The Dream Is Dead”

from Spain:
21. Cangrena “Fum Fum Fum”
22. KGB “Luftwaffe”
23. Ultimo Resorte “Presos”

from France:
24. Kidnap “Il faudra bien qu'un jour tout change”

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #134

tape #134
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve
guest: Lyle Hysen, drummer for The Misguided

1. Brain Injured Unit (BIU) “System Addiction” (Western Massachusetts)

from the East Coast:
2. Second Wind “Security” (DC)
3. Faith “Aware” (DC)
4. The Pajama Slavedancers
5. Murphy’s Law “California Pipeline” (NY)

from all over:
6. Death Row “The State We’re In” (South Carolina)
7. Sum (Wisconsin)
8. The Drooling Idiots “There Is Nothing” (Kentucky)
9. The Gynecologists “Slit Your Wrist” (Indiana)
10. Mr. Slate “Whose Fault Is it?” (Wisconsin)

from Southern California:
12. Dead Hippie “Bad Medicine”
13. Plain Wrap “For What It’s Worth”
14. Decay “Last Sin”
15. The Hot Spit Dancers “Trilateral Commission”
16. The Dickies “She Is a Hunchback”
17. Rocketball 007 “Korean Airlines”
18. The Catatonics “Valentine’s Day”

19. The Misguided “Dreams Die Hard” (NY)
20. Guest: Lyle Hysen, drummer for The Misguided
21. The Misguided “I See You” (NY)
22. Heart Attack “Toxic Lullaby” (NY)
23. The Exies “Reason To Believe” (NY)
24. Sonic Youth “Inhuman” (NY)

25. Negativ “Glitter Hair Cream” (Switzerland)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #133

tape #133
57 minutes
hosts: Tim, Steve, Jeff
guest: The Offenders from Austin, TX

1. Jerry’s Kids “Insanity” (Albuquerque)

from the East Coast:
2. Morning Noise “Laser Lights” (New Jersey)
3. The Misfits “Demonomania” (New Jersey)
4. Marginal Man “Pandora’s Box” (DC)
5. Vatican Commandos “Let Down Again” (Connecticut)
6. Disorderly Conduct (NY)

from England:
7. The Ejected “24 Years”
8. Active “Shout”
9. Red Alert “The Revolution Will Come”

from Germany:
10. ZSD “Sex”
11. The Nicotines “Geiserfauer”
12. Razzia “Kriegsterstand”
13. Vas Caps “You Think”

14. The Offenders “What It’s About” (Austin, TX)
15. Guest: The Offenders
16. The Offenders “Youth Riot”

from Canada, late 70s punk:
17. The Viletones “Screaming Fist”
18. Arson “Coho? Coho!”
19. Forgotten Rebels “Angry”
20. Lowlife “Thinking Naturally”

from the West Coast:
21. Pariah “Inside, Looking Out”
22. The Sluglords “FTW” (San Francisco)
23. 10,000 Hertz “Youth in Crisis” (CA)
24. Agent Orange “Out Of Limits” (CA)

from the Midwest:
25. Human Suffrage “100% Middle-Class” (Columbus, OH)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #132

tape #132
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff, Ruth

from Nevada:
1. Seven Seconds “Fight Your Own Fight”

from the South:
2. White Cross “American Way” (Virginia)
3. NOTA “Sick Society” (Tulsa, OK)
4. The Stillborn Christians “New Right” (NC)
5. DDT “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” (Atlanta, GA)
6. The Dissapointed Parents “Am I Getting Through?” (Louisiana)
7. Hated Youth “Hardcore Rules” (Talahassee, FL)

from England:
8. Anthrax “Got It All Wrong”
9. The Apostles “The Stoke Newington Adolph”
10. Chaos U.K.“Insane Youth”
11. Anti-Sect
12. The Werkers “Don’t Conform”
13. The Exploited “Rival Leaders”

from Texas:
14. The Big Boys “Same Old Blues”
15. Bombsquad “Punishment Time”
16. Doomsday Massacre “Attack”
17. The Butthole Surfers “Something”

from Italy:
18. Indigesti “No Al Sistema”
19. Raw Power “Fuck Authority”
20. Nabat “Sensa Soldi, Sensa Casa”
21. Declino “Mortale Tristeza”

Best of the Year’s Neo-60s:
22. The Nomads “Have Love, Will Travel” (Sweden)
23. The Barracudas “The Next Time Around”
24. The Left “You’re So ---”
25. The Liars “Help You Ann” (Boston)
26. The Banana Men “The Crusher” (England)
27. The Miracle Workers “Infected With You”

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #131

tape #131
61 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Jeff, Ruth

Greatest Hits of ’83, Part 2

1. Sado-Nation “We’re Not Equal” (Portland, OR)
2. Jerry’s Kids “Crucify Me” (Boston, MA)
3. The Freeze “Voices From My Window”
4. DYS “Brotherhood”
5. SSD “Under The Influence” (Boston, MA)
6. The Proletariat“ Torn Curtain”

German Set
7. Inferno “Got ist tot”
8. The Upright Citizens “The End”
9. Bas Kaps “Keinmet Leid”
10. Fer Krieze Fas “Starved to Death”

Southern California Set
11. Suicidal Tendencies “Institutionalize”
12. Youth Brigade “Sink With California”
13. Anti “Your Government’s Calling You”

Holland Set
14. BGK “Electroshock” (Amsterdam)
15. Mornington Crescent “In Bed” (Amsterdam)
16. Agent Orange “Dope” (Amsterdam)
17. Zmid “Lose It”

D.C. Set
18. Government Issue “Teenager In A Box”
19. Scream “Solidarity”
20. United Mutation “Pass Out”
21. Minor Threat “Out of Step”

Canadian Set
22. The Neos “Destruct” (Vancouver)
23. Unnatural Silence “Culture Blank” (Summerland, B.C.)
24. Youth Youth Youth “Greed” (Toronto)
25. Red Tide “Nato Actionaut” (Victoria, B.C.)

European Set
26. Electric Deads “Fish In A Pool” (Denmark)
27. Kidnap “No SS” (France)
28. Threstier “Laj” (Yugoslavia)
29. Las Vulpes “Inquisicion” (Spain)

30. The Wipers “Romeo” (Portland, OR)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #130

tape #130
58 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Jeff

Greatest Hits of ’83, Part 1
1. The Stalin “Nothing” (Japan)

Mid-West Set
2. The State “Attention” (Ann Arbor, MI)
3. Husker Du “Deadly Skies”
4. The Necros “Take ‘em up”
5. Articles of Faith “Buy This War”
6. Die Kreuzen “Think For Me”

Finland Set
7. Terveet Kädet “Halloween”
8. Riistetyt “Schizophrenia”
9. Tampere Ss “Sotaa”
10. Rattus “WC Rajahtaa”
11. Pandix “Piene heinen”

Northern California Set
12. DRI “Sad To Be”
13. Crucifix “Rise and Fall”
14. The Avengers “We Are The One”
15. The Dicks “Bourgeois Fascist Pig”
16. MDC “Multi Death Corporation”

Sweden Set
17. The Skitslickers “Späckta snutskallar”
18. The Headcleaners “Death Threat”
19. Existenz “Guri Boss”
20. TST “Feed The Hungry”
21. Unter Den Linden “Fat Boys”

English Set
22. Disorder “Rampton Song”
23. Anti-System “Animal Welfare”
24. Mayhem “Gentle Murder”
25. Ultra-Violent “Degeneration”

East Coast Set
26. Adrenaline OD “Status Symbol” (New Jersey)
27. Reflex From Pain “Holy Pictures” (Connecticut)
28. Send Help “Buffy’s Dead” (New Jersey)
29. CIA “Hazard” (Connecticut)

New York Set
30. Cause For Alarm “United Races”
31. The Nihilistics “Badge of Shame”
32. Satan’s Cheerleaders “We Want You”
33. Heart Attack “English Fucks”

34. Olho Seco “Nada” (Brazil)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #157

tape #157
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
Guests: Eric from Thrash Tracks Fanzine, Vancouver, B.C. (former member of Apostasy)

1. The Verukers “Who Pays?” (England)

Midwest set:
2. Toothpaste (Chicago)
3. The Active Ingredient “Service With A Smile” (Kentucky)
4. The Art Thieves (Wisconsin)
5. Die Kreuzen (Milwaukee, WI)
6. Hüsker Dü “Pride” (Minneapolis, MN)

West coast set:
7. Aerobic Death “Penis Envy” (Washington)
8. The Grim “Sunday School”
9. The Dicks “Legacy of Man” (Texas)
10. DRI - Dirty Rotten Imbeciles “Madman” (Houston, TX)
11. Atrocity (Berkeley, CA)

International set:
12. Les Colabos “…in the W.C.” (France)
13. Ira “Posers .. d’intorni” (Italy)
14. Outrageous “Say Cheese” (Holland)
15. Schund “Stand Up” (Austria)

16. House of Commons “Downtown” (Vancouver, B.C.)
17. Guest: Eric from Thrash Tracks Fanzine, Vancouver, B.C. (former member of Apostasy)
18. SNFU “Victims of the Womanizer” (Edmonton, B.C.)
19. Unnatural Silence “No Victory” (B.C.)
20. Canada’s Favorite Sport” (Vancouver, B.C.)

East coast set:
21. The Money Dogs “New Wave” (NYC)
22. Mental Decay “Garden State” (New Jersey)
23. Weddings Done Cheap “Resistance” (Maryland)
24. The Knockabouts (Alabama)

Two from England:
25. 4-Skins “Evil”
26. The Legion of Parasites “Condemned to Live in Fear”

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #156

tape #156
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Jello
Guests: Special Forces (from Berkeley): Bill, Orlando, Steve, Kirby.

1. Red Tide “Price for Progress” (B.C., Canada)

Southwest Set:
2. The Zany Guys “Hardcore” (Phoenix, AZ)
3. N.O.T.A. “This Country Once Was Free”
4. Mighty Sphincter “Heathouse” (Phoenix, AZ)
5. The Massacre Guys “The Hunted” (Salt Lake City, UT)
6. Toejam
7. The Offenders “I Hate Myself”
8. The Rhythm Pigs “Run-In” (Clint, TX)
9. Slaughterhouse 4 “Four More Hours” (Austin, TX)

U.K. Set:
10. Major Accident “Man On The Wall”
11. Discharge “The More I See”
12. The Partisans “The Money Rolls In”
13. The Last Rites “Message From The Dead” (Scotland)
14. Conflict “Increase The Pressure”

15. Special Forces (Berkeley, CA)
16. Guest: Special Forces
17. Special Forces “Savage Penguins”

from the West Coast:
18. Painted Willie “Kill It”
19. Saccharine Trust “Sunk”
20. Tragic Mulatto “Stop My Hand”
21. East Bay Ray “Trouble In Town”

22. Kaos “Union Man” (Pensacola, FL)

Mention of date/events during this show:
from one of the members of Special Forces, a Berkeley band: "Life can be very frustrating, and there's lots of things wrong with life in 1984 here in America ..."

"curfew in the city ... didn't appear until the convention was getting ready to come to town ..." (this tape is post-convention)

"... closing down the On-Broadway"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #155

tape #155
59:30 minutes (original air date: 1984)
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
Guests: Dick from the Subhumans (on tape from the U.K.)

1. Rancid Vat “Most Likely” (Portland, OR)

from the West Coast:
2. Stalag 13 “Conditioned”
3. The Faction “Friends and Enemies” (San Jose, CA)
4. Millions of Dead Chickens “Chicken Squawk”
5. Battalion of Saints “Doomed World”

new English Set:
6. Disorder “Over-production”
7. The Apostles “The Creature”
9. The Oppressed “Fight For Your Life”
10. Legion of Parasites “Eroded Freedom”

World-wide set:
11. Riisteyt “Brainless Violence” (Finland)
12. Brutelvelschemelt “Schule Freitag” (Germany)
13. Contrazione “A su di Torino” (Italy)
14. Nurse 2 (Japan)
15. Jism “Nuclear Armed Hogs” (Japan)

16. Guest: (on tape from the U.K.) Dick from The Subhumans

from France:
17. R.A.S. “LVF”
18. The Vermins “Rockin Belfon”
19. Carnage “Plan Poubel”
20. Human Bean “Benefactor Of The People”

from the East Coast:
21. Stranglehold “Cause I’m Gonna” (Boston)
22. Neon Christ “Parental Suppression” (Georgia)
23. Corrosion of Conformity “Indifferent” (Raleigh, NC)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #154

tape #154
61 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Alan (from End Result)
Guests: Jennifer Blowdrier (running for President), Libby (from Morbid Opera), Barry (from “Suburban Relapse Fanzine” and Sublapse Records)

1. The Left “Stop” (DC area)

from around the world
2. Los Violadores “Guerra Total” (Argentina)
3. Normal “Der Audler Ist Gelangel” (Germany)
4. Rapresaglia “1984” (Italy)
5. MAF “Tote Salfen” (Germany)

from the British Commonwealth
6. Chaotic Discord “Anarchy in Woolworth’s”
7. The Apostles “Our Mother, the Truth, Our Father, The Sky”
8. Riot 3 “Move” (New Zealand)
9. Civil Dissidence “Civil Disobedience” (Australia)

from Northern Europe
10. Anti Cimex “Victims of a Bomb Raid” (Sweden)
12. Headcleaners “Finnes dettua after deta” (Sweden)
13. Rattus “Sotahullut” (Finland)
14. Kalashnikov “Schlüters kabinet” (Denmark)
15. The Razorblades “Another Victim” (Denmark)
16. The Bastards “Balance of Horror” (Finland)

17. Guest: Jennifer Blowdrier

18. The Blowdriers “Liar, Liar”

from the Midwest:
19. Sacred Order “Saturation Bombing”
20. The Effigies “Coarse in Vein”
21. Out of Order “Cell Block 5” (Chicago)
22. End Result “Crazy Like A Fox”

23. Morbid Opera (Florida)

24. Guests: Libby & Barry

25. Inverted Triangle “My Age”

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #153

tape #153
hosts: Tim, Ruth
Guests: Dale, Jocelyn (from Stage Dive Records & Capital Punishment); Bob, Kelly (from Burning Bob and the Big Boys); Sean (from Death Camp & the zine “Anger”); Spot (from Harsh Reality); guys from Primer Gray; Vince (puts on gigs in Bakersfield); Rachel (from Wowoana Boy’s Choir); Matt (from Think Tank & the zine “Stop Skate Harassment”); Johnny Heathen (DJ from KFSR, Fresno); Joe, Paul (from Burning Image); a guy from Big Jed and the Flatbeds

from the Central Valley, CA
1. Capital Punishment (Fresno)

2. Guests: Dale, Jocelyn

3. Burning Bob and the Big Boys “Hick Song” (Fresno)
4. Death Camp “Senseless Disruption” (Madera)
5. Harsh Reality “Ronald Reagan” (Fresno)

6. Guests: Dale, Jocelyn, Bob, Kelly, Sean, Spot

7. Primer Gray “Death Wish” (Bakersfield)
8. The Mere Mortals “White Christmas” (San Luis Obispo)
9. Problem Fish “Pigs in Drag” (Modesto)

10. Guests: guys from Primer Gray, Vince, Rachel

11. Think Tank “Homophobia” (Fresno)
12. The PTL Club “Faded Glory” (Fresno)
13. The Dirtheads “Beer, Beer, Beer” (Madera)
14. The Wowoana Boy’s Choir “Factory” (Yosemite)

15. Guests: Matt, Rachel, Johnny

16. Burning Image “Final Conflict” (Bakersfield)

17. Guests: Joe, Paul, a guy from Big Jed and the Flatbeds

18. Big Jed and the Flatbeds “Make My Day” (Bakersfield)
19. Think Tank “The Mouse That Roared”
20. Primer Gray “Life”
21. NBJ “Animal Show” (Fresno)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #152

tape #152
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Ian (of Dischord records), Jeff, Jello
Guests: Butthole Surfers
1. Laughing Nose “Perdition”
from the West Coast:
2. The Wimpy Dicks “Flags Fly, People Die”
3. Ill Repute “Did I Have Fun?”
4. Plain Wrap “There Is No God”
from the DC area:
5. Deadline 
6. Gray Matter “Oscar’s Eye”
7. Grandmal “Binge Purge”
8. Don Zentera (engineer for Dischord) “rap song by Ronald Reagan”
from the East Coast:
9. U.S. Chaos “U.S. Chaos” (New Jersey)
10. Major Conflict “Not Just A Song” (NY)
11.  Flag of Democracy “Babysitter” (Philadelphia)
12. Stoney Burke “Homes for the Homeless”
13. Butthole Surfers
14. Guest: Butthole Surfers
15. Butthole Surfers “Lady Sniff”
16. Butthole Surfers “Concubine”
from Hungary:
17. Jovelet Nagy Faro Bikini #1 “Who’s Gonna Make Some Soda” part 2
18. Jovelet Nagy Faro Bikini #1 “Oh Yes, It’s Been Upset”
19. Jovelet Nagy Faro Bikini #1 “Birthday Saw”
from the Midwest:
20.Killdozer “A Man’s Got To Be A Man To Be A Man” (Wisconsin)
21. The Zero Boys “I Need Energy”

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #151

tape #151
60 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jumpin Jeff, Jello
Guests: Ted Falconi of Flipper, Walter – manager for BGK (Holland)

1. Körö "Acid Casualty" (Knoxville, TN)

from the East Coast:
2. The Moving Targets "Selfish" (Boston, MA)
3. The White Pigs "Killcop" (Hartford, CN)
4. Sorry "One More Step" (Boston, MA)

5. Guest: Ted Falconi of Flipper
7. Flipper "In Life My Friend"

from the U.K.:
8. Null and Void "Cold War"
9. Atrox "Kill"
10. The Disrupters "Bomb Heaven"
11. Outrage "Society Wins"

International set:
12. Mob 47 "Vi Rustar Dom Dör" (Sweden)
13. Extrem "Vorheilen ist besser als beugen" (Austria)
14. Ratas de Porao "Obrigando A Obedecer" (Brazil)
15. The Bedruvlers (Sweden)

16. BGK (Holland)
17. Guest: Walter, manager for BGK’s American tour BGK (Holland)

Neo-60s set:
18. The Chesterfield Kings "She Told Me Lies"
19. The Mystic Eyes "Enough of What I Need"
20. Electric Peace "Sniper on a Rooftop"
21. The Great Miracle Workers "Flashing Red Light" (Pacific Northwest)
22. The Sharp Turn "Everybody Knows But Me"

from the Southwest:
23. Corfu "War Poles" (Albuquerque, NM)
24.None Of The Above "Riot Kids" (Tulsa, OK)
25. Buddy Hinton’s Revenge (Salt Lake City, UT)

from Canada:
26. Some Weird Sin "Sky’s The Limit"

from Albuquerque:
27. Corfu "I Can’t Read"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #148

tape #148
61 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Ruth, Vinny (from Germany - Nasty Facts Fanzine), Michael Board (World Class Punk compilation)
Guests: People who were involved in demonstrations that took place during the Democratic Convention. David (War Chest Tours), Mickey …

1. from Switzerland: MD

from the East Coast:
2. God’s Will "Human Jukebox" (Virginia)
3. Damage "Trendy" (Florida)
4. Chronic Disorder "Point Counter-Point" (Connecticut)
No Control "Vicious Attack" (NYC)

from Italy:
6. Claxon "Riot"
7. Stalag 17 "Nobel Pe L’ora"
8. Dictatrista "Guerra"
9. Raw Power "Politicians"

from Germany:
Toxic Plasma "Bunker Party"
11. Motek "Count John"
12. Porno Patrol "White Gown"
13. The Rest "The Edge"

on the protests against Jerry Falwell & the Moral Majority, the Democratic War Chest Tours, the Rock against Racism concert, police misconduct during the Democratic Convention

from France:
14. No Class – "L’ Affaire"

from Finland:
15. The Bastards

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #125

tape #125
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff & Ruth
Guest: Condemned to Death

1. The Offenders "Direct Defiance"

from the East Coast:
2. Jerry’s Kids "Crucify Me"
3. Mission for Christ "Psyche"
4. No Trend "Fashion for the Eighties"
5. Freeze "Sickly Sweet"

from England:
6. Destructors "Kymer Rogue Boogie"
7. The Vibrators "MX America"
8. Carnage "All the Sad People"
9. Impact "Law of the Land"

from Europe:
10. Tervet Kadet (Finland)
11. FKK Strand Vixe (Germany)
12. Mob 47 (Sweden)
13. The Razor Blades "Unite" (Denmark)
14. The Bristles "Don’t Give Up" (Sweden)

15. Condemned to Death "Media Control"
16. Guest: Condemned to Death
17. Condemned to Death "Why the Ocean Goes"
18. Guest again – giving contact info

from the Midwest:
19. Flesh Columns "Ban Nestle’s Products"
20. Savage Beliefs "Big Big Sky"
21. Human Suffrage
22. The State "Subvert"

from France:
23. Vunderbach
24. Les Electrodes
25. L’Horde
26. La Cerle de Lingue
27. Ober Kampk

28. Septic Death "Advantage"

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #124

tape #124
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff & Rockin Ray

1. Kidnap "No S.S." (France)

from New Jersey
2. Fatal Rage ‘V.O.A."
3. Send Help "Buffy’s Dead"
4. The Worse "Future"
5. Public Disturbance "Intro"
6. The Chronic Sick "Reagan Bans"

from England:
7. Action Pack "Hook Line and Sinker"
8. The Blood "Degenerate"
9. Political Asylum "Slaughter"
10. First Offense "The Night the Punks Turned Ugly"

from Finland:
11. Appendix
12. Vatos
13. Tomper S.S.

from Germany:
14. Fur Kriegs Fasse
15. Sick Pleasure "Way Out"
16. Durstige Mann
17. The Neurotic Arseholes
18. Deutsche Trinkew Jungen
19. Inferno

20. The Sting Rays "Dinosaurs"
21. The Cramps "Call of the Wig Hat"
22. Rocochets "Running Wild"
23. The Story of Failure "This is Working"
24. Bone Orchard "Fats Terminal"

25. A band from Denmark (they couldn’t pronounce it)

Maximum Rock N Roll #123

tape #123
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff, Jello & Ruth
Guests: D.O.A.

1. REIG "Disarm"

from the West Coast:
2. Faction "Fast Food Diet"
3. Crucifix "Stop Torture"
4. SVDB "Chain Reaction"
5. Neighborhood Watch "Creation"
6. Bio Hazzard "Social Menace"

from Yugoslavia:
7. Kuzzel
8. Poncriti
9. Paraf
10. Pekinskapatna

from Australia:
11. Scrap Museum "On My Tongue"
12. The Sacred Cowboys "Bangkok"
13. Groan Groan "Louis The Fly"

from the Midwest:
14. The State "Attention"
15. N.O.T.A. "Propaganda Control"
16. The Micronauts "Bob"
17. Chemotherapy "Living Your Life"
18. The Off Beats "Why Do You Hang Out?"

from Spain:
19. O.X. Pow "Hands Up!"
20. Espasmaticos
21. Broma de Satan
22. TNT "Gilmore 77"

23. Guest: D.O.A.

from Canada:
24. D.O.A. "General Strike"
25. Herbs Corpse "DDT"
26. Direct Action "UXB"
27. Dayglow Abortions "Germ Attack"
28. Sudden Death "Sacred Outcast"

29. Unta Den Linden "Fat Boys"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #122

tape #122
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff & Jello
Guests: Dirk Dirksen

1. T.S.T. "The Clash" (Sweden)

from East Coast:
2. Deep Wound "Sick of Fun"
3. Artless "One Born Every Minute"
4. No Trend "For the Fun of It"
5. Agnostic Front "No One Rules"
6. The Abused "Nuclear Threat"

from England:
7. The Apostles "Strake Newington 8"
8. Conflict "The System Maintains"
9. Naked "Evil Facts"
10. The Cult Maniacs "Hairy"
11. The Blood "Stark Raving Normal"

Neo 60’s / Psych Punk
12. The Miracle Workers "Infected With You"
13. The Barracudas "Somebody"
14. Plastic Land "Elongations Man"
15. The Web "Sidewalk"
16. The Long Riders "10 5 60"
17. The Nomads "Have Love Will Travel"

18. Guest: Dirk Dirksen

from Australia:
19. The Crackerjacks "Long Blonde Hair"
20. The Spitfires "I Was a Teenage Teenagers Doing Rumble in the Jungle"
21. The Roadsters "The Cat"

22. Unidentified

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #121

tape #121
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
Guests: Graham Hill – Livermore Action Group

1. Deep Wound "Deep Wound"

from the West Coast:
2. False Alarm "Self-Destruction"
3. The Accused "Reagan’s War Puppets"
4. John Doe "That Day Comes When"
5. The Drunk Injuns "Question Authority"

from England"
6. Total Chaos "Blood on the Roof"
7. Mayhem "Clear Cut"
8. One Way System "Nightmare"
9. Zero Defects "Drop The A-Bomb On Me"

10. Guest: Graham Hill of the Livermore Action Group

11. The Verukers "Protest and Survive"from Finland:
12. Raatus
13. Epunormaly
14. The Widows "I Wanna Be Your Friend"
15. Ratzia

from the Midwest:
16. No Response "Plastics"
17. The Mortal Micronauts "Feels Like"
18. Savage Belief
19. The Dark "You Got What You Wanted"

from Belguim/Holland:
20. Gepople
21. Agent Orange "Dope"
22. Sexy Bullocks "Oi"
23. Sexy Bullocks "Stayin’ Hurt"
24. Sexy Bullocks "Frigging Politicians"
25. Rabies "Buzzing Sound"

26. Bludgeon "American Wet Dream"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #120

tape #120
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jello & Jeff

1. Carnage "The Few, The Proud, The Dead"

from the West Coast:
2. Conflict "Crawl Away"
3. Atrocity "Final Option"
4. Mike Watt "My Life Up to this Minute"
5. Crucifix
6. Red Scare "Keep America Beautiful"

from England:
7. One Way System "This is the Age"
8. Icons of Filth "Virus"
9. The Exploited "Rival Leaders"
10. Emebics "Progress?"
11. Reality Control "Man"
12. The A-Heads "Isolated"

from Italy:
13. Raw Power "You are a Victim"
14. Statione Suicida
15. Crack Turn
16. Pravda
17. Under Age
18. De Kleeno

from New Zealand:
19. No Tag "Mistaken Identity"
20. The Henchmen "I Got a Right"
21. The Suburban Reptiles "Saturday Night We Stay At Home"
22. Public Enemy "Fight For Your Life"
23. Riot 111 "1981"

24. The Personality Crisis "Wild Game"

25. Rosemary’s Baby "Small Minds Think Small"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #119

tape #119
61 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jello & Jeff
Guests: 1. Lisa Bat, manager of S.C.U.M. 2. Cause for Alarm

1. Personality Crisis " People in Glass"

from the East Coast:
2. God’s Will "Lynard Skinhead"
3. DYS "Circle Storm"
4. Ruin "Love Dog"
5. Kill Slug

from the West Coast:
6. The Rejectors
7. The Nothings "Reality"
8. Sadonation "Total Control"
9. Circle Jerks "In Your Eyes"
10. S.C.U.M. (Society Control Under Murderers) "So Much Hate" (Montreal, Canada)

11. Guest: Lisa Bat about the Montreal scene
from Sweden:
12. Existenz "Listen"
13. The Head Cleaners "So Sense"
14. The Absurd
15. Sod Limpa

from Australia:
16. X "Suck Suck"
17. The Birthday Party "Sometimes Pleasure Heads Must Burn"
18. Mystery of Sixes
19. ? Fish "Sex Cat Killer"

20. Cause for Alarm "True Colors"
21. Guest: Cause for Alarm
22. Cause for Alarm "Night of Races"
from England:

23. Peter & the Test Tube Babies "The Jinx"
24. The Exploited
25. The Toy Dolls "Cheerio and Toodle Pip"
26. No Direction "Choked"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #118

tape #118
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jello & Jeff
Guests: Toxic Reasons1. The Great Proletariat "Condition"

from the West Coast:
2. Human Therapy "Domesticated People"
3. Special Forces "Street Hassle"
4. Circle One "Patterns of Force"
5. The Minutemen "Self Reference"
6. Eat The Rich "You’re a Waste of Human Space"
7. The Accused

from England:
8. DNV "Jekyll & Hyde"
9. The Partisans "Change"
10. The Fits "Breaking Point"
11. UK Subs "Dress Code"
12. Discharge "Warning"

from Australia:
13. Radio Birdman "Aloha Steve & Dan O"
14. New Race
15. The Celibate Rifles

16. Toxic Reasons "No Pity"
17. Guest: Toxic Reasons
18. Toxic Reasons "Break the Bank"

19. Streaming Dad "Night Creatures
20. The Out Casts
21. Actifed "Creation"
22. Butthole Surfers "Suicide"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #117

tape #117
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
Guests: D.O.A.

1. Red Tide "Nato Actionaut"

from The Midwest:
2. Husker Du "Deadly Skies"
3. Distain "Apartments"
4. Chemo Therapy "I Don’t Want to be Watched"

from England:
5. Cronstat Uprising "Why the Black Flag"
6. Omega Tribe "Man Made"
7. The Subhumans "Get Out of My Head"
8. Verookers "Android"
9. The English Dogs "Free to Kill"

from the East Coast:
10. The Mob "Unity Lives On"
11. Fatal Existence "Fatal Existence"
12. Iron Cross "You’re a Rebel"
13. Better Living "I Hate Waiting"
14. Chronic Disorder
15. Zero Mentality "Dead End"
16. The Prevaricators "Livin’ in Khaki"

from the West Coast:
17. The Frantics "You’re Ill"
18. Verbal Abuse
19. The Detonators "Black & White"
20. Maker Guys "Cold Storage"
21. The Stains "Young Nazi"
22. Poison Idea "M.I.A."

23, D.O.A. "Burn it Down"
24. Guest: D.O.A.
25. D.O.A. "Kill the Messanger"
26. D.O.A. continued
27. D.O.A. "Direct Action"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #116

tape #116
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jello Biafra, Klaus Flouride, P.H. Pelligro and Ray

Special About Australian Music
1. Razar "Stampout Disco"
2. The Victims "Television Addict"
3. Psycho Surgeons "Wild Weekend"
4. The Saints "Demolition Girl"
5. Talking about the scene in Australia
6. The Mad Flowers "Blue Murder"
7. Public Execution "Corporate Child"
8. Depression "Ronnie Reagan"
9. Civil Dissident "Dick for Brains"
10. Talking about the different scenes in different cities
11. Minute Man "Voodoo Slaves"
12. Hoodoo Gurus "Let’s All Turn On"
13. The Lime Spiders "Can’t Wait Long"
14. The Scientist "Swampland"
15. Talking about Brisbane
16. The Johnny’s "Dead Man Joe"
17. Grong Grong

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #115

tape #115
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jello
Guests: The Breakouts

1. The Bristles (Sweden)

East Coast:
2. Fatal Existence "We Don’t Want It"
3. Nuclear Crayons "Political Punk"
4. Rude Awakening "Sid’s Dead"
5. Antidote "Zero Mentality"
6. The Blunder Boys "Middle Class Morals"
7. Moral Majority Dance Band "There’s A Little Bit of Nazi in All of Us"

8. Todlich
9. Sick Pleasure "Problems"
10. The Maniacs
11. Inferno
12. The Upright Citizens "Now or Never"
13. The Breakouts (no song title given)

14. The Breakouts "That Don’t Apply to Me"
15. Guest: The Breakouts
16. The Breakouts "No More"

17. The Lime Spiders "25th Hour"

18. Celebrate Rifles "You’re Gonna Cry"
19. Minute Man "I Want to be Your Minute Man"
20 The Rocks "You’re So Boring"
21. Depression "Grown Up Strange"
22. Progression Cult

23. Stress D.A.

24. The Birthday Party "Bully Bones"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #114

tape #114
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jumpin Jeff
Guests: Guest DJ Mr. Pusshead plus Panther Burns

1. Capital Punishment "2 Party System"

from the South:
2. Toxin 3 "Depression with Aggression"
3. Still-Born Christians "New Right"
4. The Knock Abouts "Aimless Youth"
5. Marching Plague "Mom & Dad"
6. Disappointed Parents "Am I Getting Through"
7. Corrosion of Conformity "Too Cool"

from England:
8. Anti-System "Why Should It Happen"
9. State Control
10. Onslaught
11. Butcher "Stand Up and Fight"

12. Crude 55 (Sweden)
13. Uner Den Linden
14. Unnatural Silence (British Columbia)
15. Agent Orange (Holland)
16. Part One (England)

Guest DJ Pusshead:
17. The Misfits "Demon of Man’s"
18. Deep Wound "Video Dick"
19. DYS "Brotherhood"
20 Jerry’s Kids

21. Panther Burns "Snakedrive"
22. Guest: Panther Burns
23. Panther Burns "She’s The One To Blame"

24. Articles of Faith
25. Cause for Alarm "The Time to Fry"
26. Power Age "World War III"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #187

tape #187
558 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff

1. Jody Foster’s Army "Mad Garden"

from Sweden:
2. A.H.M. "Pyro Man"
3. Asocial "Revolt"
4. The Swankers "Anti Oi"
5. Poble Moble "Feel the Evil"

from England:
6. M.W.A.B. "Angus Young"
7. Potential Threat "We Don’t Want Your Fucking War"
8. Carnage "Social Elite"
9. Anti-System "Big Fallout"

from Japan:
10. Headless "Gathering"
11. Betoosha
12. The Stalin
13. Nubile
14. Gas Mask

15. Das Damen
16. Poison 13 "One Step Closer"
17. The Congo Eels "Laugh in Your Face"
18. Velvet Underground "Foggy Notion"

19. United State "Automation"
20. N.J. "Sitting Pretty"

21. No Policy "First Strike/Last Strike"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #186

tape #186
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Steven, Ruth & Jeff
Guest: Doug Humiski

1. Poison Idea "Rich Get Richer"
from the West:
2. The Skulldiggers "Reality of a Nightmare"
3. Bad Religion " Fugger"
4. Narthic Structure "Wave Me On"
5. Diatribe

6. Kidnap "1989" (France)
7. L’erme (Belguim)
8. Les Secous Oubliant (France)
9. Puhat Kuhulu (Finland)
10. Revolta Del Audio (Italy)
11. Toten Hosen (Germany)

12. Interview with Dee Dee & Joey Ramone
Done by Donnie the Punk, December 1984:
Dee Dee interviewed on 12/28/84
Joey interviewed on 12/29/84

13. Guest: Doug Humiski
14. Laughing Nose "Get the Glory"

15. Kiyak (all girl band from Japan)
16. Junk Skism (Japan)

17. MDC "Big Picture"