Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #163

tape #163
62 minutes
air date on LUVeR: 11/21/02
hosts: Tim, Steve Spinali, Ruth, Winnie
guests: Franco from MDC, Eric -  DJ on pirate radio station in Amsterdam

1. Oi Polloi “Punks and Skins Unite” (England)

from the West Coast:
2. Crankshaft “Army Of The Dead”
3. Youth Brigade “What Price Happiness”
4. Subterfuge “Legal Who?” (Las Vegas)
5. America’s Hardcore “Born Prejudice”
6. Corfu “I Can’t Read” (Colorado)
7. The Dickies “Gigantor”

8. The Fuzztones “Bad News Travels Fast” (NY)
9. The Vipers “Never Alone”
10. The Illegal Aliens “War” (Columbus, OH)

from the East Coast
11. Scream “Fight”
12. Agnostic Front
13. Little Gentleman “Silent Song”
14. Government Issue “Religious Rip-Off”
15. Artius 8 “Murderers” (NY)

16. guest: Franco from MDC, with updated information on what’s been happening to people who were arrested during the Democratic convention.

Scandinavian set
17. Appendix “I’m Scared” (Finland)
18. Arabens Anus “Himmer o fjord” (Sweden)
19. Siste Dagers Helveete “Blomster Av Plastikk” (Norway)
20. Rattus “Kum Pome e on Pudo Dettu” (Finland)
21. Svart Framtid “Når Bomba Kommer” (Norway)

from the Midwest
22. Techno Primitivism “Gut Reagan” (Michigan)
23. The Breeders “Zen Punk” (Champagne, IL)

24. De Koch “Before You Go” (Rotterdam)
25. guest: Eric, DJ on pirate radio station in Amsterdam
26. BGK “White Male Dominance” (Amsterdam)

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