Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #73

tape #73
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Rockin' Ray
guest: Articles of Faith & Jonathan of Code of Honor

Side One
1. Oho Seco (from Brazil)

from SO-CAL:
2. Sin 34 "Nuclear War"
3. Anti
4. Moral Decay "T.V. News"
5. RF7 "Viet Vets"

from England:
6. Anthrax
7. Asylum "White Trash"
8. The Exposes "Night Club Stadegy
9. The Skeptics "Curfew"
10. Angelic Upstarts "Lust for Glory"
11. Toxic FX "Police Brutality"

12. Not Moving (from Italy)
13. Shockabilly "Psychotic Reaction"
14. The Fastbacks "Foul Enough"
15. Red Kross "St. Lita Ford Blues"
16. Mission from Burma "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate"

Side Two
1. Articles of Faith "Everyday"
2. Guest: Articles of Faith
3. Articles of Faith "My Father's Dreams"

from NO.CAL.:
4. Guest: Jonathan from Code of Honor
5. Code of Honor "What are we gonna do?"
6. The Bruces "My Organ's Frustration"
7. Bang "Skinheads Smoke Dope"
8. Crucifix "Prejudice"

from the Midwest:
9. Negative Approach "Lead Song"
10. Severe Mutilation "Manachim Begin Fuck Off"
11. DeKreutzen "No Name"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #77 CORRECTED

The intro and outro were incorrect on the previous file. Here is the corrected show #77!

tape #77
54 minutes
hosts: Tim & Jeff
no guest

Greatest Hits of the Year, part 1
Side One
1. The Neo's "Church Goers Motive"

from England:
2. Disorder "Suicide Children"
3. Discharge "Hear Nothing Blah Blah Blah"
4. Chaos UK "No Security"
5. Chaotic Discord "Fuck the World"
6. The Insane "Why Die?"

from Nor. Cal.
7. M.A.D. "Holocaust"
8. MDC "Dead Cops"
9. Code of Honor "Be Fighting Still"
10. Rebel Truth "All I Know"

from New York:
11. Bad Brains "How Long Can A Punk Get?"
12. The Mob "Common Criminal"
13. The Beastie Boys "Beastie Boy
14. Lost Generation "Mind Control"

from Wisconsin:
15. Suburban Mutilation "Menachim Begin Fuck You"
16. Dekreutzen "Fighting"
17. The Tar Babies "Be Humble/New Poor"

Side Two
from The Midwest:
1. The Rejectors "Go Die"
2. Poison Idea "This Thing Called Progress"
3. The Farts "People United

from Finland:
4. Tervikatat
5. Kaos
6. Nukitiaraway

from Southwest:
7. Really Red "No More Art"
8. Butthole Surfers "I Hate My Job"
9. Jodie Foster's Army "Preppie"

from the U.K.:
10. Mau Mau "Oath"
11. Mayhem "Patriots"
12. One Way System "When Jackie Was A Junkie"

from Washington D.C.:
13. Government Issue "Hey Ronnie"
14. Void "Think"
15. Minor Threat "Out of Step"

from Nevada:
16. Seven Seconds "Anti-Klan"

Maximum Rock N Roll #76 CORRECTED

The intro and outro were incorrect on the previous file. Here is the corrected show #76!

tape #76
59 minutes
hosts: Tim & Ruth

Side One
1. Suburban Mutilation "I Reject You"

from No. Cal.:
2. The Afflicted "Snuff Squad"
3. Pariah
4. Minority "Freedom"
5. JIA (Justice in America) "Corporate Interest"

from Germany:
6. Toxoplasma "1981"
7. Der KFC
8. Rosea "Be Alarm"
9. The Sluts
10. Chaos Z "Fur Vaterland"

from Canada:
11. The Neo's "Almost Typical Obligatory Anti-Government Song"
12. The Neo's "Ambitious"
13. Sudden Death "Border Blues"
14. Suburban Menace "What's So Wrong?"

15. Special Segment about Crass. From English radio that includes a interview. Big controversy about their anti-Falklands invasion song "How Does It Feel to be the Mother of a Thousand Dead"

Side Two
1. Crass segment continues
2. Flux of Pink Indians "Is Anybody There?"
3. Faction "War Games"

from So. Cal.:
4. F-Troop "Last Rites"
5. F-Troop "We’re the Young"
6. Overkill "Our War"
7. Minutemen "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs"
8. Saccharin Trust "Christmas Cry"

from England:
9. Eternal Menace "Eternal Menace"
10. Expelled "Government Policies"
11. One Way System "Jackie Was a Junkie"

12. The Massacre Guys "Italy"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #72

tape #72
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
guest: Toxic Reason

Side One
1. Segunda

from the east coast:
2. Government Issue
3. The Freeze "Violent Arrest"
4. October Days "Take Back the Night"
5. The Betrayed "Betrayed by You"
6. G.G. Allen "No Rules"
7. Negative FX "The Fun, The Proud, The Dead"

9. Sadist Faction "Twisted Cross"
10. Naughty Women "Jealousy"
11. Descendents "I'm Not A Punk"
12. Anti "New Underground"

from the midwest:
13. Zero Defects "Life is Worse"
14. Negative Approach " Can't Tell No"
15. Offbeats "M-16"

from no. california:
16. M.A.D. "Everything is Beautiful"
17. Dead Kennedy's "Forward to Death"
18. Pop Œo Pies "Trucking"
19. The Bacon "Tim's In the Marines & He Can't Get Out"

20. Toxic Reasons "Riot Squad"

Side 2
1. Guests: Toxic Reasons
2. Toxic Reasons "How do you Feel?"
3. More with guests
4. Toxic Reasons "The Shape of Things to Come"

5. The Violators "Live Fast, Die Young"
6. Threats "Politicians & Ministers"
7. Genocides "Born to Lose"
8. Exploited "Computers Don't Blunder"
9. Abrasive Wheels "May Day"
10. No Rock Stars "Stop"
11. Corrosion of Conformity "Skinny Zen"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #71

Maximum Rock N Roll #71
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
guest: Frank Discussion

Side One
1. Con 800 "Con 800"

From the South:
2. U-Boats "Government Rip-Off"
3. No Labels "Disarm or Die"

From Germany:
4. Cosmonautentron
5. Aheadz "Who?"
6. MDK (Mekanik Destructo Kommando)
7. Straus Troop
8. Neurotic Arseholes "Tradition"

9. The Viletones "Screanub Fist"
10. The Valves "For Adolph's Only"
11. Vermilion "Angry Yourn Women"
12. The Victims "Flipped Out Over You"
13. V2

From Finland:
14. Tervikata

Side Two
From Finland, continued:
1. Tervikata continued
2. Nato "Nazi"
3. Lamoff
4. Dakau
5. Restitut "Fuck Off Nazi Bastards"

From the East Coast:
6. Government Issue
7. Tragics "Mommy I'm a Misfit"
8. Adrenaline OD "Status Symbol"
9. Fathead Surburbia "The Masses"
10. Seeds of Terror

11. Negative Element
12. ROTA (Rights of the Accused) "It's No Fun Til I'm 21"
13. Urban Decay "World Trade"
14. Articles of Faith "What We Want Is Free"
15. The Feederz "Stay Free"
16. Guest: Frank Discussion
17. Shattered Faith "Strange Days"