Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #76 CORRECTED

The intro and outro were incorrect on the previous file. Here is the corrected show #76!

tape #76
59 minutes
hosts: Tim & Ruth

Side One
1. Suburban Mutilation "I Reject You"

from No. Cal.:
2. The Afflicted "Snuff Squad"
3. Pariah
4. Minority "Freedom"
5. JIA (Justice in America) "Corporate Interest"

from Germany:
6. Toxoplasma "1981"
7. Der KFC
8. Rosea "Be Alarm"
9. The Sluts
10. Chaos Z "Fur Vaterland"

from Canada:
11. The Neo's "Almost Typical Obligatory Anti-Government Song"
12. The Neo's "Ambitious"
13. Sudden Death "Border Blues"
14. Suburban Menace "What's So Wrong?"

15. Special Segment about Crass. From English radio that includes a interview. Big controversy about their anti-Falklands invasion song "How Does It Feel to be the Mother of a Thousand Dead"

Side Two
1. Crass segment continues
2. Flux of Pink Indians "Is Anybody There?"
3. Faction "War Games"

from So. Cal.:
4. F-Troop "Last Rites"
5. F-Troop "We’re the Young"
6. Overkill "Our War"
7. Minutemen "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs"
8. Saccharin Trust "Christmas Cry"

from England:
9. Eternal Menace "Eternal Menace"
10. Expelled "Government Policies"
11. One Way System "Jackie Was a Junkie"

12. The Massacre Guys "Italy"

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