Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #119

tape #119
61 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jello & Jeff
Guests: 1. Lisa Bat, manager of S.C.U.M. 2. Cause for Alarm

1. Personality Crisis " People in Glass"

from the East Coast:
2. God’s Will "Lynard Skinhead"
3. DYS "Circle Storm"
4. Ruin "Love Dog"
5. Kill Slug

from the West Coast:
6. The Rejectors
7. The Nothings "Reality"
8. Sadonation "Total Control"
9. Circle Jerks "In Your Eyes"
10. S.C.U.M. (Society Control Under Murderers) "So Much Hate" (Montreal, Canada)

11. Guest: Lisa Bat about the Montreal scene
from Sweden:
12. Existenz "Listen"
13. The Head Cleaners "So Sense"
14. The Absurd
15. Sod Limpa

from Australia:
16. X "Suck Suck"
17. The Birthday Party "Sometimes Pleasure Heads Must Burn"
18. Mystery of Sixes
19. ? Fish "Sex Cat Killer"

20. Cause for Alarm "True Colors"
21. Guest: Cause for Alarm
22. Cause for Alarm "Night of Races"
from England:

23. Peter & the Test Tube Babies "The Jinx"
24. The Exploited
25. The Toy Dolls "Cheerio and Toodle Pip"
26. No Direction "Choked"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #118

tape #118
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jello & Jeff
Guests: Toxic Reasons1. The Great Proletariat "Condition"

from the West Coast:
2. Human Therapy "Domesticated People"
3. Special Forces "Street Hassle"
4. Circle One "Patterns of Force"
5. The Minutemen "Self Reference"
6. Eat The Rich "You’re a Waste of Human Space"
7. The Accused

from England:
8. DNV "Jekyll & Hyde"
9. The Partisans "Change"
10. The Fits "Breaking Point"
11. UK Subs "Dress Code"
12. Discharge "Warning"

from Australia:
13. Radio Birdman "Aloha Steve & Dan O"
14. New Race
15. The Celibate Rifles

16. Toxic Reasons "No Pity"
17. Guest: Toxic Reasons
18. Toxic Reasons "Break the Bank"

19. Streaming Dad "Night Creatures
20. The Out Casts
21. Actifed "Creation"
22. Butthole Surfers "Suicide"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #117

tape #117
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
Guests: D.O.A.

1. Red Tide "Nato Actionaut"

from The Midwest:
2. Husker Du "Deadly Skies"
3. Distain "Apartments"
4. Chemo Therapy "I Don’t Want to be Watched"

from England:
5. Cronstat Uprising "Why the Black Flag"
6. Omega Tribe "Man Made"
7. The Subhumans "Get Out of My Head"
8. Verookers "Android"
9. The English Dogs "Free to Kill"

from the East Coast:
10. The Mob "Unity Lives On"
11. Fatal Existence "Fatal Existence"
12. Iron Cross "You’re a Rebel"
13. Better Living "I Hate Waiting"
14. Chronic Disorder
15. Zero Mentality "Dead End"
16. The Prevaricators "Livin’ in Khaki"

from the West Coast:
17. The Frantics "You’re Ill"
18. Verbal Abuse
19. The Detonators "Black & White"
20. Maker Guys "Cold Storage"
21. The Stains "Young Nazi"
22. Poison Idea "M.I.A."

23, D.O.A. "Burn it Down"
24. Guest: D.O.A.
25. D.O.A. "Kill the Messanger"
26. D.O.A. continued
27. D.O.A. "Direct Action"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #116

tape #116
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jello Biafra, Klaus Flouride, P.H. Pelligro and Ray

Special About Australian Music
1. Razar "Stampout Disco"
2. The Victims "Television Addict"
3. Psycho Surgeons "Wild Weekend"
4. The Saints "Demolition Girl"
5. Talking about the scene in Australia
6. The Mad Flowers "Blue Murder"
7. Public Execution "Corporate Child"
8. Depression "Ronnie Reagan"
9. Civil Dissident "Dick for Brains"
10. Talking about the different scenes in different cities
11. Minute Man "Voodoo Slaves"
12. Hoodoo Gurus "Let’s All Turn On"
13. The Lime Spiders "Can’t Wait Long"
14. The Scientist "Swampland"
15. Talking about Brisbane
16. The Johnny’s "Dead Man Joe"
17. Grong Grong