Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #118

tape #118
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jello & Jeff
Guests: Toxic Reasons1. The Great Proletariat "Condition"

from the West Coast:
2. Human Therapy "Domesticated People"
3. Special Forces "Street Hassle"
4. Circle One "Patterns of Force"
5. The Minutemen "Self Reference"
6. Eat The Rich "You’re a Waste of Human Space"
7. The Accused

from England:
8. DNV "Jekyll & Hyde"
9. The Partisans "Change"
10. The Fits "Breaking Point"
11. UK Subs "Dress Code"
12. Discharge "Warning"

from Australia:
13. Radio Birdman "Aloha Steve & Dan O"
14. New Race
15. The Celibate Rifles

16. Toxic Reasons "No Pity"
17. Guest: Toxic Reasons
18. Toxic Reasons "Break the Bank"

19. Streaming Dad "Night Creatures
20. The Out Casts
21. Actifed "Creation"
22. Butthole Surfers "Suicide"

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