Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #95

tape #95
56 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
guests: Pissed Youth from Texas

Side one
1. Estagio Zero (from Brazil)

from Italy:
2. Nabat
3. Fallout "Reagan Hysteria"
4. Indigesti "No To The System"
5. Peggio Punks

from England:
6. External Menace "Someday"
7. Two-fingered Approach "Family Tradition"
8. Soldiers of Fortune " Autonomia"
9. Erazerhead "Rock n’ Roll Zombie"
10. The Skeptics "Violent Street"

from So. Cal.:
11. Machts Nichts "We Won’t Be Controlled"
12. Aggression "Brain Bondage"
13. Attila "Mr. Critic"

14. OHL "October" (from Germany)

Side two
1. Stasstroff (from Germany)

from the East Coast:
2. Target Cells "Cancer Stew"
3. Little Gentlemen "Rant Rant Rant"

from No. Cal.:
4. The Faction "Yesterday is Gone"
5. Bad Influence "IRS"
6. Sleeping Dogs "Soldier"
7. Slaughterhouse "Distortion"
8. Whipping Boy "Touch and Go"
9. Time Limit

from Texas:
10. Doomsday Massacre "Are You Ready"
11. The Offenders "Inside the Middle"

from England:
12. Special Duties "Punk Rocker"
13. Blitzkrieg "Land of Failure"

14. Guest: Pissed Youth from Texas
15. Pissed Youth

16. The Necros "Take Em Up"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #94

tape #94
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
guests: Michael Board of Art

Side one
1. The Dicks "Bourgeois Fascist Pig"

from Italy:
2. Rappa Saglia
3. Rough
4. Statione Suicide
6. Raw Power
7. Pagio Punks

from England:
8. Red Alert "Rebels of Society"
9. GBH "Hell Hole"
10. Frass

11. Guest: Michael Board of Art
12. Art "One Born Every Minute"
13. Guest continues

Side two
1. Guest continues
2. Art "We’re Republicans"
3. Art "Mister Roger’s Neighborhood"
4. Art "How Much Punk Rock Do You Hear in Russia?"
5. Art "We Want Nuclear War"
6. Guest continues

from Germany:
7. Blutat "What do you Live For, Schuler?"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Maimum Rock N Roll #93

tape #93
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Steve Spinelli
guests: PLH, DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles)

Side one
1. Red Tide "Me 83" (British Columbia)

from Brazil:
2. Fococosado
3. Estagio Zero
4. Estagio Zero
5. Juiso Final

6. Cadaverous Clan "Snow Blindness"
7. Deadman Shadow
8. Russians & McDonalds "More Poems About Flat Fish & Russia"
9. Attila the Stock Broker "Ranting at all Nations"
10. Impact "Storm Trooper Tactics"

11. Guest: PLH (Peace Love Happiness) intro song
12. PLH "Vaporized"

13. The Avengers "I Believe in Me"
14. Eleventh Hour "Vicious"

Songs Dealing With Punk & Money:
15. Subhumans U.K. "No Thanks"
16. Poison Idea "Cult Band"
17. Minor Threat "Cashing In"

Side two
Punk & Money continued from side one:
1. DRI "Capitalists Suck"

2. Guest: DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles)
3. DRI "Runnin’ Around"

Garage Idiocy:
4. The FHAB4 "Dead Beatles"
5. The Autistics "Get a Job"
6. Benedict Arnold & The Traders "I Hate Sports"
7. The Tazers "Cola Sketch"

from the Rocky Mountain Area:
8. Jerry’s Kids "Hungry Brains"
9. White Trash "War Bucks"
10. Negative Element "Anti-Pacman"

11. KAOS (from Finland)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #92

tape #92
58 minutes
hosts: Tim & Ruth
guests: Richard Moore of Double O & 5 guys from Minor Threat

Side one
1. Agent Orange "Feminist"
from England:
2. The Bloods "Megalomania"
3. Peter & the Test-Tube Babies "Zombie Creeping Flesh"
4. The Special Duties "Too Much Talking"
5. Criminal Damage

from the East Coast:
6. SSD Control "Exclaim"
7. Urban Waste "Igmorant"
8. No Thanks "Ready to Die"
9. Double O "Your Loss"

10. Guests: Richard Moore from Double O & 5 roadies (Minor Threat)

Side two
1. Guests continue
2. Minor Threat "Betrayed"

from So. Cal:
3. The Hated "Victim of Lies"
4. Manson Youth "’Bleep’ Brain"
5. Aggression "Brain Bondage"
6. Manifest Destiny "Klu Klux Klan Company Man"

Punk cover versions:
7. The Straubs "House of the Rising Sun"
8. SOA "Stepping Stone Party"
9. Husker DU "Sunshine Superman"
10. The Young & the Useless "Rise & Shine"
11. DOA "Class Wars"

12. The Head Cleaners (from Sweden)