Thursday, February 11, 2010

Maimum Rock N Roll #93

tape #93
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Steve Spinelli
guests: PLH, DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles)

Side one
1. Red Tide "Me 83" (British Columbia)

from Brazil:
2. Fococosado
3. Estagio Zero
4. Estagio Zero
5. Juiso Final

6. Cadaverous Clan "Snow Blindness"
7. Deadman Shadow
8. Russians & McDonalds "More Poems About Flat Fish & Russia"
9. Attila the Stock Broker "Ranting at all Nations"
10. Impact "Storm Trooper Tactics"

11. Guest: PLH (Peace Love Happiness) intro song
12. PLH "Vaporized"

13. The Avengers "I Believe in Me"
14. Eleventh Hour "Vicious"

Songs Dealing With Punk & Money:
15. Subhumans U.K. "No Thanks"
16. Poison Idea "Cult Band"
17. Minor Threat "Cashing In"

Side two
Punk & Money continued from side one:
1. DRI "Capitalists Suck"

2. Guest: DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles)
3. DRI "Runnin’ Around"

Garage Idiocy:
4. The FHAB4 "Dead Beatles"
5. The Autistics "Get a Job"
6. Benedict Arnold & The Traders "I Hate Sports"
7. The Tazers "Cola Sketch"

from the Rocky Mountain Area:
8. Jerry’s Kids "Hungry Brains"
9. White Trash "War Bucks"
10. Negative Element "Anti-Pacman"

11. KAOS (from Finland)

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