Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #137

tape #137
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
guest: Sean from Last Rites Fanzine & Dave from WZRD, Chicago

1. Spike In Vain “Children in the Subway” (OH)

from the West coast:
2. Condemned To Death “D-Day”
3. Mr. Epp and The Calculations “Non-conformity Socks” (Seattle)
4. Confederate “Written Laws” (So. Cal)
5. Hated Principles “Devil’s Food” (So. Cal)
6. DRI “Couch Slouch” (SF/Texas)

from the East Coast:
7. Verbal Assault “Church Hypocrisy” (RI)
8. Why Die? (YDI) “Get up and Fight / Zombie Youth” (Philadelphia)
9. Violent Children “Split Screen” (CN)
10. Sector 4 “Time” (FL)
11. Borscht “No Morality” (NY)

from Canada:
12. Forgotten Rebels “Tell Me You Love Me” (Ontario)
13. Teenage Head “Picture My Face” (Toronto)
14. The Diodes “Tired of Waking Up Tired” (Toronto)
15. Pointed Sticks “Somebody’s Mom” (Vancouver)

16. Naked Ray Gun “Bombshelter” (Chicago)
17. Guest: Sean from Last Rites Fanzine, Dave from WZRD, Chicago
18. Articles of Faith “False Security”

a set to highlight a current controversy in punk … religion:
19. Alternative “Antichrist”
20. The Subhumans UK “Religious Wars”
21. The Mao Maos “Religious Rites”
22. Fallout “Religious Carnage” (Italy)

23. Cock Sparrer “Where Are They Now?”

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #136

tape #136
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
guest: The Crucifucks, on tour from Lansing, MI

1. SNFU “Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy” (Edmonton, Canada)

from the East Coast:
2. Marginal Man “Identity” (DC)
3. The Pajama Slavedancers “The Last Angry Man” (Western Mass.)
4. Faith “No Choice”
5. No Thanks “Brainwash” (NY)
6. Fatal Vision “Grass and Sheep Saga” (NY)

from England:
7. Protest “Hypocrite”
8. The Defects “Song for Mark Walker”
9. Crowbar “Hippie Punks”
10. Broken Bones “Decapitated”

a psychedelic punk set:
11. White Light “William”
12. The Prodigal “You’ve Got Me”
13. The Esquires “Come on, Come on”
14. Knights Bridge “Make Me Some Love” (TX)
15. The Stereo Shoestring “On The Road South”

16. The Crucifucks “Hinckley Had a Vision” (Lansing, MI)
17. Guest: The Crucifucks
18. The Crucifucks “I Am the Establishment”

from all over Europe:
19. The Destructions “The Party of Flies” (Finland)
20. Skitt Lars “Control Central en Hersker” (Norway)
21. Kansan Uutiset “Cheerless Morning, Part 2” (Finland)
22. Ingron Hutlos (Sweden)

23. Septic Death “Quit”

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #135

tape #135
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve, Jeff
guest: Bonnie, Olga, & Dickie of The Toy Dolls

1. The Knockabouts “Where’s My Vietnam?” (Alabama)

from England:
2. Uproar “Shoot To Kill”
3. The Sick Things “Anti-Social Disease”
4. The Oppressed “Victims”

5. The Toy Dolls
6. Guest: Bonnie, Olga, & Dickie of The Toy Dolls
7. The Toy Dolls

Scandinavian set:
8. Sensuuri “Tulevaisuus on sensuroitu” (Finland)
9. Hellhound “Tach sen uha illa” (Finland)
10. Ebba Gron “Folk Bits” (Sweden)
11. Problems? “Kävelen ympyrää” (Finland)

Belgium & Holland set:
12. Moral Demolition “Police State” (Belgium)
13. The Sexy Bullocks “Money Money” (Belgium)
14. Blitzkrieg “System Needs War” (Holland)
15. Zyklome A “Somewhere They’re Still Fighting” (Belgium)
16. Holland’s Glory “V” (Holland)
17. Pandemonium “Amok” (Holland)

from the Midwest:
18. Paris In The Spring “Butcher Dolly”
19. Negative Approach “Tied Down”
20. Blight “The Dream Is Dead”

from Spain:
21. Cangrena “Fum Fum Fum”
22. KGB “Luftwaffe”
23. Ultimo Resorte “Presos”

from France:
24. Kidnap “Il faudra bien qu'un jour tout change”

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #134

tape #134
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve
guest: Lyle Hysen, drummer for The Misguided

1. Brain Injured Unit (BIU) “System Addiction” (Western Massachusetts)

from the East Coast:
2. Second Wind “Security” (DC)
3. Faith “Aware” (DC)
4. The Pajama Slavedancers
5. Murphy’s Law “California Pipeline” (NY)

from all over:
6. Death Row “The State We’re In” (South Carolina)
7. Sum (Wisconsin)
8. The Drooling Idiots “There Is Nothing” (Kentucky)
9. The Gynecologists “Slit Your Wrist” (Indiana)
10. Mr. Slate “Whose Fault Is it?” (Wisconsin)

from Southern California:
12. Dead Hippie “Bad Medicine”
13. Plain Wrap “For What It’s Worth”
14. Decay “Last Sin”
15. The Hot Spit Dancers “Trilateral Commission”
16. The Dickies “She Is a Hunchback”
17. Rocketball 007 “Korean Airlines”
18. The Catatonics “Valentine’s Day”

19. The Misguided “Dreams Die Hard” (NY)
20. Guest: Lyle Hysen, drummer for The Misguided
21. The Misguided “I See You” (NY)
22. Heart Attack “Toxic Lullaby” (NY)
23. The Exies “Reason To Believe” (NY)
24. Sonic Youth “Inhuman” (NY)

25. Negativ “Glitter Hair Cream” (Switzerland)