Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #135

tape #135
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve, Jeff
guest: Bonnie, Olga, & Dickie of The Toy Dolls

1. The Knockabouts “Where’s My Vietnam?” (Alabama)

from England:
2. Uproar “Shoot To Kill”
3. The Sick Things “Anti-Social Disease”
4. The Oppressed “Victims”

5. The Toy Dolls
6. Guest: Bonnie, Olga, & Dickie of The Toy Dolls
7. The Toy Dolls

Scandinavian set:
8. Sensuuri “Tulevaisuus on sensuroitu” (Finland)
9. Hellhound “Tach sen uha illa” (Finland)
10. Ebba Gron “Folk Bits” (Sweden)
11. Problems? “Kävelen ympyrää” (Finland)

Belgium & Holland set:
12. Moral Demolition “Police State” (Belgium)
13. The Sexy Bullocks “Money Money” (Belgium)
14. Blitzkrieg “System Needs War” (Holland)
15. Zyklome A “Somewhere They’re Still Fighting” (Belgium)
16. Holland’s Glory “V” (Holland)
17. Pandemonium “Amok” (Holland)

from the Midwest:
18. Paris In The Spring “Butcher Dolly”
19. Negative Approach “Tied Down”
20. Blight “The Dream Is Dead”

from Spain:
21. Cangrena “Fum Fum Fum”
22. KGB “Luftwaffe”
23. Ultimo Resorte “Presos”

from France:
24. Kidnap “Il faudra bien qu'un jour tout change”

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