Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #170

tape #170
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Steve Spinali, Ruth, Chris from “No Milk…”
guests: Chris from No Milk On Tuesday (from Connecticut)

1. White Noise “Silent Pain” (Calgary, Canada)

A Musical Quiz: Early English Punk bands that turned into New Wave Bands
2. Johnny and the Self-Abusers “Saints and Sinners” ◊ turned into Simple Minds
3. The Members “Fear In The Streets”
4. Warsaw “All This For You” ◊ turned into Joy Division & New Order
5. The Raped “Moving Target” ◊ turned into The Cuddly Toys

6. guest: Chris from No Milk On Tuesday
7. No Milk On Tuesday “Polyester Pigs” (Connecticut)

from the East Coast:
8. The Ramones “Endless Vacation” (NYC)
9. Prisoners of Conscience “Trapped” (Pleasantville, NY)
10. Ring Of Fire “Favorite Gun” (NY)
11. SSD “Words That Kill”

more from the East Coast:
12. The Raunch Hands “Stampede” (NJ)
13. The Corpse Grinder “Child of the 4th Reich” (NY)
14. Adrenaline O.D. “Middle Aged Whore”
15. The Fuck Yous “Beast In My Bed”

roots of Midwest garage music:
16. The Panics “We’re The Best Band from Bloomington” (Bloomington, IN)
17. MX-80 Sound “Boy Trouble Girl Trouble”
18. The Jetsons “Genetically Stupid”
19. The Gizmos “Mean Screen”
20. Zero Boys “New Generation”

California punk:
21. RKL [Rich Kids on LSD] “No Respect” (Santa Barbara)
22. Love Canal “Elevator To Hell” (So. Cal.)
23. The Vandals “Airstream” (So. Cal.)
24. The Part-Time Christians
25. AFU “High On The Hog”

26. Chronic Submission “Four Points” (Toronto, Canada)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #169

tape #169
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Pus-head
guests: Death Sentence from Vancouver, Canada

1. Corrosion of Conformity “Prayer”

from Europe:
2. War of Destruction “Nutid-Fremtid” (Denmark)
3. London ’77 (Italy)
4. Cocks In Stained Satin “Suff Zeit” (Germany)
5. Nu R∫t “State Brain” (Holland)

from the U.K.:
6. Reality Control “Tears of Blood”
7.  Picture-Frame Seduction  “Sabotage The Classes”
8.  English Dogs “Never Die”
9. Post-Mortem “A Mental Scar You Won’t Forget”

a set from Pus-head:
10. Poison Idea “Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes”
11. Final Warning
12. UNICEF (Finland)
13. The Instigators “Blood On Your Hands”
14. Hellhammer (Switzerland)

15. Death Sentence (Vancouver)
16. guests: Death Sentence from Vancouver, Canada
17. Death Sentence “RCMP”

from Texas:
18. Larry And The Bluenotes “In and Out”
19. The Buccaneers “You Got What I Want”
20. Kid And The Outlaws “Don’t Tread On Me”

21. The By Fives “I Saw You Walking”
22. Chaz And The Classics “Girl Of The 13th Hour”
23. Nobody’s Children “Good Times”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #167

tape #167
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve Spinali

1. Red Cross

International Set:
2. The Destructions “Trade Union” (Finland)
3. Sune Studs “Var Dagliga Dod”  (Sweden)
4. The Vermines “Bad Childhood” (France)
5. Kaos  (Finland)
6. Nick’s Negative “Anti-Nazi” (Sweden)

From England:
7. The Subhumans “Labels”
8. Faction “The Dark”
9. Paranoia “Man In Black”
10. The Membranes “Spike Mulligan’s Tape Recorder”
11. GBH “Do What You Do”
12. Onslaught “Black House of Famine”

from Canada:
13. The Asexuals “BFD”
14. The Unwanted “Who’s To Judge”
15. The Unruled “Time Is Running Out”

from the Low Countries (‘78-’80):
16. The Kids “Bloody Belgium” (Belgium)
17. Ivy Green “Another Subculture Going Bad” (Holland)
18. The Speed Twins “Bombing The Jukebox” (Holland)
19. Uha de Straks “Crisis” (Holland)
20. Trockener Kecks “Mycea” (Holland)

from Australia:
21. Perdition “The Last Hour”
22. The Undertakers “Danger In My Mind”
23. Wrong Kind of Stone Age “Run Amok”

24. Futile Effort (Trenton, NJ)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #166

tape #166
61 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, The Pus, Steve Spinali
guests: Bones (from 76% Uncertain) & Jeff R. (who used to work on COD fanzine, Connecticut)

1. N.O.T.A. “Toy Soldiers”

from the Midwest:
2. Naked Ray Gun “Stupid” (Chicago)
3. Scooter And The Worms “Searching Sister’s Room”  (Michigan)
4. Articles of Faith “Five O’ Clock” (Chicago)
5. Juvenile Truth “Lost Friend” (Wisconsin)

stuff with a 60s influence:
6. New Christs “Sun God” (Australia)
7. The Catatonics “Beltway Beat” (Baltimore)
8. The Hopelessly Obscure “She’s My Best Bette” (Boston)
9. The Fallen Angels “Amphetamine Blue” (UK)
10. The Dogs “Never Come Back” (France)

another global journey:
11. Electronaze (France)
12. The Maniacs “Violence” (Germany)
13. Funeral Oration (Holland)
14. Tin Can Army (Germany)

15. 76% Uncertain (Connecticut)
16. guests: Bones (from 76% Uncertain), Jeff R. (who used to work on COD fanzine, Connecticut)
17. Lost Generation “Slap The Monkey” (Connecticut)

from the West Coast:
18. Black Flag “My Ghetto”
19. The Pop-O-Pies “I Love NY”
20. The Pop-O-Pies “A Political Song”
21. Flipper “Talk’s Cheap”

from the East Coast:
22. Sorry “No Concern”  (Boston)

from Texas
23. Meat Joy “Proud To Be Stupid” (Austin)