Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #167

tape #167
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve Spinali

1. Red Cross

International Set:
2. The Destructions “Trade Union” (Finland)
3. Sune Studs “Var Dagliga Dod”  (Sweden)
4. The Vermines “Bad Childhood” (France)
5. Kaos  (Finland)
6. Nick’s Negative “Anti-Nazi” (Sweden)

From England:
7. The Subhumans “Labels”
8. Faction “The Dark”
9. Paranoia “Man In Black”
10. The Membranes “Spike Mulligan’s Tape Recorder”
11. GBH “Do What You Do”
12. Onslaught “Black House of Famine”

from Canada:
13. The Asexuals “BFD”
14. The Unwanted “Who’s To Judge”
15. The Unruled “Time Is Running Out”

from the Low Countries (‘78-’80):
16. The Kids “Bloody Belgium” (Belgium)
17. Ivy Green “Another Subculture Going Bad” (Holland)
18. The Speed Twins “Bombing The Jukebox” (Holland)
19. Uha de Straks “Crisis” (Holland)
20. Trockener Kecks “Mycea” (Holland)

from Australia:
21. Perdition “The Last Hour”
22. The Undertakers “Danger In My Mind”
23. Wrong Kind of Stone Age “Run Amok”

24. Futile Effort (Trenton, NJ)

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