Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #156

tape #156
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Jello
Guests: Special Forces (from Berkeley): Bill, Orlando, Steve, Kirby.

1. Red Tide “Price for Progress” (B.C., Canada)

Southwest Set:
2. The Zany Guys “Hardcore” (Phoenix, AZ)
3. N.O.T.A. “This Country Once Was Free”
4. Mighty Sphincter “Heathouse” (Phoenix, AZ)
5. The Massacre Guys “The Hunted” (Salt Lake City, UT)
6. Toejam
7. The Offenders “I Hate Myself”
8. The Rhythm Pigs “Run-In” (Clint, TX)
9. Slaughterhouse 4 “Four More Hours” (Austin, TX)

U.K. Set:
10. Major Accident “Man On The Wall”
11. Discharge “The More I See”
12. The Partisans “The Money Rolls In”
13. The Last Rites “Message From The Dead” (Scotland)
14. Conflict “Increase The Pressure”

15. Special Forces (Berkeley, CA)
16. Guest: Special Forces
17. Special Forces “Savage Penguins”

from the West Coast:
18. Painted Willie “Kill It”
19. Saccharine Trust “Sunk”
20. Tragic Mulatto “Stop My Hand”
21. East Bay Ray “Trouble In Town”

22. Kaos “Union Man” (Pensacola, FL)

Mention of date/events during this show:
from one of the members of Special Forces, a Berkeley band: "Life can be very frustrating, and there's lots of things wrong with life in 1984 here in America ..."

"curfew in the city ... didn't appear until the convention was getting ready to come to town ..." (this tape is post-convention)

"... closing down the On-Broadway"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #155

tape #155
59:30 minutes (original air date: 1984)
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
Guests: Dick from the Subhumans (on tape from the U.K.)

1. Rancid Vat “Most Likely” (Portland, OR)

from the West Coast:
2. Stalag 13 “Conditioned”
3. The Faction “Friends and Enemies” (San Jose, CA)
4. Millions of Dead Chickens “Chicken Squawk”
5. Battalion of Saints “Doomed World”

new English Set:
6. Disorder “Over-production”
7. The Apostles “The Creature”
9. The Oppressed “Fight For Your Life”
10. Legion of Parasites “Eroded Freedom”

World-wide set:
11. Riisteyt “Brainless Violence” (Finland)
12. Brutelvelschemelt “Schule Freitag” (Germany)
13. Contrazione “A su di Torino” (Italy)
14. Nurse 2 (Japan)
15. Jism “Nuclear Armed Hogs” (Japan)

16. Guest: (on tape from the U.K.) Dick from The Subhumans

from France:
17. R.A.S. “LVF”
18. The Vermins “Rockin Belfon”
19. Carnage “Plan Poubel”
20. Human Bean “Benefactor Of The People”

from the East Coast:
21. Stranglehold “Cause I’m Gonna” (Boston)
22. Neon Christ “Parental Suppression” (Georgia)
23. Corrosion of Conformity “Indifferent” (Raleigh, NC)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #154

tape #154
61 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Alan (from End Result)
Guests: Jennifer Blowdrier (running for President), Libby (from Morbid Opera), Barry (from “Suburban Relapse Fanzine” and Sublapse Records)

1. The Left “Stop” (DC area)

from around the world
2. Los Violadores “Guerra Total” (Argentina)
3. Normal “Der Audler Ist Gelangel” (Germany)
4. Rapresaglia “1984” (Italy)
5. MAF “Tote Salfen” (Germany)

from the British Commonwealth
6. Chaotic Discord “Anarchy in Woolworth’s”
7. The Apostles “Our Mother, the Truth, Our Father, The Sky”
8. Riot 3 “Move” (New Zealand)
9. Civil Dissidence “Civil Disobedience” (Australia)

from Northern Europe
10. Anti Cimex “Victims of a Bomb Raid” (Sweden)
12. Headcleaners “Finnes dettua after deta” (Sweden)
13. Rattus “Sotahullut” (Finland)
14. Kalashnikov “Schl├╝ters kabinet” (Denmark)
15. The Razorblades “Another Victim” (Denmark)
16. The Bastards “Balance of Horror” (Finland)

17. Guest: Jennifer Blowdrier

18. The Blowdriers “Liar, Liar”

from the Midwest:
19. Sacred Order “Saturation Bombing”
20. The Effigies “Coarse in Vein”
21. Out of Order “Cell Block 5” (Chicago)
22. End Result “Crazy Like A Fox”

23. Morbid Opera (Florida)

24. Guests: Libby & Barry

25. Inverted Triangle “My Age”

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #153

tape #153
hosts: Tim, Ruth
Guests: Dale, Jocelyn (from Stage Dive Records & Capital Punishment); Bob, Kelly (from Burning Bob and the Big Boys); Sean (from Death Camp & the zine “Anger”); Spot (from Harsh Reality); guys from Primer Gray; Vince (puts on gigs in Bakersfield); Rachel (from Wowoana Boy’s Choir); Matt (from Think Tank & the zine “Stop Skate Harassment”); Johnny Heathen (DJ from KFSR, Fresno); Joe, Paul (from Burning Image); a guy from Big Jed and the Flatbeds

from the Central Valley, CA
1. Capital Punishment (Fresno)

2. Guests: Dale, Jocelyn

3. Burning Bob and the Big Boys “Hick Song” (Fresno)
4. Death Camp “Senseless Disruption” (Madera)
5. Harsh Reality “Ronald Reagan” (Fresno)

6. Guests: Dale, Jocelyn, Bob, Kelly, Sean, Spot

7. Primer Gray “Death Wish” (Bakersfield)
8. The Mere Mortals “White Christmas” (San Luis Obispo)
9. Problem Fish “Pigs in Drag” (Modesto)

10. Guests: guys from Primer Gray, Vince, Rachel

11. Think Tank “Homophobia” (Fresno)
12. The PTL Club “Faded Glory” (Fresno)
13. The Dirtheads “Beer, Beer, Beer” (Madera)
14. The Wowoana Boy’s Choir “Factory” (Yosemite)

15. Guests: Matt, Rachel, Johnny

16. Burning Image “Final Conflict” (Bakersfield)

17. Guests: Joe, Paul, a guy from Big Jed and the Flatbeds

18. Big Jed and the Flatbeds “Make My Day” (Bakersfield)
19. Think Tank “The Mouse That Roared”
20. Primer Gray “Life”
21. NBJ “Animal Show” (Fresno)