Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #154

tape #154
61 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Alan (from End Result)
Guests: Jennifer Blowdrier (running for President), Libby (from Morbid Opera), Barry (from “Suburban Relapse Fanzine” and Sublapse Records)

1. The Left “Stop” (DC area)

from around the world
2. Los Violadores “Guerra Total” (Argentina)
3. Normal “Der Audler Ist Gelangel” (Germany)
4. Rapresaglia “1984” (Italy)
5. MAF “Tote Salfen” (Germany)

from the British Commonwealth
6. Chaotic Discord “Anarchy in Woolworth’s”
7. The Apostles “Our Mother, the Truth, Our Father, The Sky”
8. Riot 3 “Move” (New Zealand)
9. Civil Dissidence “Civil Disobedience” (Australia)

from Northern Europe
10. Anti Cimex “Victims of a Bomb Raid” (Sweden)
12. Headcleaners “Finnes dettua after deta” (Sweden)
13. Rattus “Sotahullut” (Finland)
14. Kalashnikov “Schl├╝ters kabinet” (Denmark)
15. The Razorblades “Another Victim” (Denmark)
16. The Bastards “Balance of Horror” (Finland)

17. Guest: Jennifer Blowdrier

18. The Blowdriers “Liar, Liar”

from the Midwest:
19. Sacred Order “Saturation Bombing”
20. The Effigies “Coarse in Vein”
21. Out of Order “Cell Block 5” (Chicago)
22. End Result “Crazy Like A Fox”

23. Morbid Opera (Florida)

24. Guests: Libby & Barry

25. Inverted Triangle “My Age”

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  1. I'm just posting to thank you for this amazing resource. I grew up in Berkeley (I went to Berkeley High with the guys from Crucifix) and Maximum R and R was a huge part of my life as a young punk (which was years before Gilman Street). Seeing Tim Y. on the street was our ultimate star sighting. We would record shows and listed obsessively and I remember lots of these. The high point of my punk life was when they played my band's demo tape and put it on the Not So Quiet . . . comp. Anyway, thanks