Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #155

tape #155
59:30 minutes (original air date: 1984)
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
Guests: Dick from the Subhumans (on tape from the U.K.)

1. Rancid Vat “Most Likely” (Portland, OR)

from the West Coast:
2. Stalag 13 “Conditioned”
3. The Faction “Friends and Enemies” (San Jose, CA)
4. Millions of Dead Chickens “Chicken Squawk”
5. Battalion of Saints “Doomed World”

new English Set:
6. Disorder “Over-production”
7. The Apostles “The Creature”
9. The Oppressed “Fight For Your Life”
10. Legion of Parasites “Eroded Freedom”

World-wide set:
11. Riisteyt “Brainless Violence” (Finland)
12. Brutelvelschemelt “Schule Freitag” (Germany)
13. Contrazione “A su di Torino” (Italy)
14. Nurse 2 (Japan)
15. Jism “Nuclear Armed Hogs” (Japan)

16. Guest: (on tape from the U.K.) Dick from The Subhumans

from France:
17. R.A.S. “LVF”
18. The Vermins “Rockin Belfon”
19. Carnage “Plan Poubel”
20. Human Bean “Benefactor Of The People”

from the East Coast:
21. Stranglehold “Cause I’m Gonna” (Boston)
22. Neon Christ “Parental Suppression” (Georgia)
23. Corrosion of Conformity “Indifferent” (Raleigh, NC)

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