Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #153

tape #153
hosts: Tim, Ruth
Guests: Dale, Jocelyn (from Stage Dive Records & Capital Punishment); Bob, Kelly (from Burning Bob and the Big Boys); Sean (from Death Camp & the zine “Anger”); Spot (from Harsh Reality); guys from Primer Gray; Vince (puts on gigs in Bakersfield); Rachel (from Wowoana Boy’s Choir); Matt (from Think Tank & the zine “Stop Skate Harassment”); Johnny Heathen (DJ from KFSR, Fresno); Joe, Paul (from Burning Image); a guy from Big Jed and the Flatbeds

from the Central Valley, CA
1. Capital Punishment (Fresno)

2. Guests: Dale, Jocelyn

3. Burning Bob and the Big Boys “Hick Song” (Fresno)
4. Death Camp “Senseless Disruption” (Madera)
5. Harsh Reality “Ronald Reagan” (Fresno)

6. Guests: Dale, Jocelyn, Bob, Kelly, Sean, Spot

7. Primer Gray “Death Wish” (Bakersfield)
8. The Mere Mortals “White Christmas” (San Luis Obispo)
9. Problem Fish “Pigs in Drag” (Modesto)

10. Guests: guys from Primer Gray, Vince, Rachel

11. Think Tank “Homophobia” (Fresno)
12. The PTL Club “Faded Glory” (Fresno)
13. The Dirtheads “Beer, Beer, Beer” (Madera)
14. The Wowoana Boy’s Choir “Factory” (Yosemite)

15. Guests: Matt, Rachel, Johnny

16. Burning Image “Final Conflict” (Bakersfield)

17. Guests: Joe, Paul, a guy from Big Jed and the Flatbeds

18. Big Jed and the Flatbeds “Make My Day” (Bakersfield)
19. Think Tank “The Mouse That Roared”
20. Primer Gray “Life”
21. NBJ “Animal Show” (Fresno)

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  1. This Maximumrocknroll show was originally broadcast on June 12, 1984.