Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #152

tape #152
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Ian (of Dischord records), Jeff, Jello
Guests: Butthole Surfers
1. Laughing Nose “Perdition”
from the West Coast:
2. The Wimpy Dicks “Flags Fly, People Die”
3. Ill Repute “Did I Have Fun?”
4. Plain Wrap “There Is No God”
from the DC area:
5. Deadline 
6. Gray Matter “Oscar’s Eye”
7. Grandmal “Binge Purge”
8. Don Zentera (engineer for Dischord) “rap song by Ronald Reagan”
from the East Coast:
9. U.S. Chaos “U.S. Chaos” (New Jersey)
10. Major Conflict “Not Just A Song” (NY)
11.  Flag of Democracy “Babysitter” (Philadelphia)
12. Stoney Burke “Homes for the Homeless”
13. Butthole Surfers
14. Guest: Butthole Surfers
15. Butthole Surfers “Lady Sniff”
16. Butthole Surfers “Concubine”
from Hungary:
17. Jovelet Nagy Faro Bikini #1 “Who’s Gonna Make Some Soda” part 2
18. Jovelet Nagy Faro Bikini #1 “Oh Yes, It’s Been Upset”
19. Jovelet Nagy Faro Bikini #1 “Birthday Saw”
from the Midwest:
20.Killdozer “A Man’s Got To Be A Man To Be A Man” (Wisconsin)
21. The Zero Boys “I Need Energy”

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