Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #125

tape #125
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff & Ruth
Guest: Condemned to Death

1. The Offenders "Direct Defiance"

from the East Coast:
2. Jerry’s Kids "Crucify Me"
3. Mission for Christ "Psyche"
4. No Trend "Fashion for the Eighties"
5. Freeze "Sickly Sweet"

from England:
6. Destructors "Kymer Rogue Boogie"
7. The Vibrators "MX America"
8. Carnage "All the Sad People"
9. Impact "Law of the Land"

from Europe:
10. Tervet Kadet (Finland)
11. FKK Strand Vixe (Germany)
12. Mob 47 (Sweden)
13. The Razor Blades "Unite" (Denmark)
14. The Bristles "Don’t Give Up" (Sweden)

15. Condemned to Death "Media Control"
16. Guest: Condemned to Death
17. Condemned to Death "Why the Ocean Goes"
18. Guest again – giving contact info

from the Midwest:
19. Flesh Columns "Ban Nestle’s Products"
20. Savage Beliefs "Big Big Sky"
21. Human Suffrage
22. The State "Subvert"

from France:
23. Vunderbach
24. Les Electrodes
25. L’Horde
26. La Cerle de Lingue
27. Ober Kampk

28. Septic Death "Advantage"

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