Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #148

tape #148
61 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Ruth, Vinny (from Germany - Nasty Facts Fanzine), Michael Board (World Class Punk compilation)
Guests: People who were involved in demonstrations that took place during the Democratic Convention. David (War Chest Tours), Mickey …

1. from Switzerland: MD

from the East Coast:
2. God’s Will "Human Jukebox" (Virginia)
3. Damage "Trendy" (Florida)
4. Chronic Disorder "Point Counter-Point" (Connecticut)
No Control "Vicious Attack" (NYC)

from Italy:
6. Claxon "Riot"
7. Stalag 17 "Nobel Pe L’ora"
8. Dictatrista "Guerra"
9. Raw Power "Politicians"

from Germany:
Toxic Plasma "Bunker Party"
11. Motek "Count John"
12. Porno Patrol "White Gown"
13. The Rest "The Edge"

on the protests against Jerry Falwell & the Moral Majority, the Democratic War Chest Tours, the Rock against Racism concert, police misconduct during the Democratic Convention

from France:
14. No Class – "L’ Affaire"

from Finland:
15. The Bastards

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