Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #79

tape #79
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
guest: Paul (from Zero Boys) & Joy (from Learned Helplessness)

Side One
1. The Nostrils “Mal contents”

from the East Coast:
2. Freeze “Voices From My Window”
3. Fatalities “Reagonomics”
4. Lost Generation “Silent Stranger”
5. Crib Death “Middle-Class Morals”

from Europe:
6. The Vomit Visions
7. Stalag 12
8. Der Derstogmam

from So. Cal.:
9. 5051 “El Salvador”
10. Red Beret “I Can’t Stand It”

from No. Cal.:
11. JIA (Justis in America) “John Hinkley”
12. Dead Kennedy’s “Government Flu”
13. Executioner
14. Police State “Police State”
15. Double Cross “Prisoner of Government”

16. Zero Boys “Down the Drain”
17. Guests: Paul (from Zero Boys) & Joy (from Learned Helplessness)

Side Two
1. Guests continue & play the new Repellents’ ep (from Anderson, Indiana)
2. Repellents “Waste of Time”
3. Repellents “Freak Show”
4. Guests continue & play new Killing Children ep (from Columbus, Indiana)
5. Killing Children “Happy Mutants for Nuclear Energy”
6. Killing Children “Certain Death”

from the MidWest:
7. The Agitated “Red Flag”
8. Big Black “Rip”
9. The Anti-Bodies “Anti-Pac-Man”
10. The End “I Don’t Wanna”
11. The Seismic Waves “IRS”

from Scotland:
12. Toy Dolls “Dig That Groove Baby”
13. The Chaps “Rawhide”
14. The Optimists (a Paul McCartney song)

15. Husker Du “Target”

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #78

tape #78
60 minutes
hosts: Tim & Jeff
Greatest Hits of ’82, Part 2

Side one
1. Oyo Seco (from Brazil)

from Boston:
2. Gangrene  “I Got Rabies”
3. SSD Control “Boiling Point”
4. Jerryskins “Machine Gun”
5. Negative FX “Hazardous Waste”

from England:
6. Baruckers “No Masters No Slaves”
7. Chelsea “War Across Nation”
8. The Exploited “Alternative”
9. The Blitz “Never Surrender”

from So. Cal.:
10. F-Troop “Last Rites”
11. Black Flag “Rise Above”
12. Bad Religion “The Voice of God & Government”
13. The Minutemen “Working Men Are Pissed”
14. Battalion of Saints “No More Lies”

from Europe:
15. Kaosz “Zwang” (Germany)
16. OHL (Germany)
17. R.A.F. Punk (Italy)

Side two
from the Midwest:
1. The Necros “Bad Dream”
2. Cricifucks “Hinkley Had a Vision”
3. Toxic Reasons “How Do You Feel”
4. Zero Defects “Life is Worse”

from No. Cal.:
5. Los Olvidados “Pay Salvation”
6. Crucifix “Prejudice”
7. Pariah “Learning Process”
8. ? “Metal”

from So. Cal.:
9. The Angry Samoans
10. Red Cross “Kill Someone You Hate”
11. The Vandals “Anarchy Burger”
12. Sin34 “Nuclear War”

from the Midwest:
13. Zero Boys “Drug Free Youth”
14. Willful Neglect “Abort Commission”
15. Husker Du “In a Free Land”
16. Articles of Faith “What We Want is Free”

17. Restitut “Fuck Off Nazi Bastards”

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #139

tape #139
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
guest: Maria Estrada, & Tom Burdon of CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador)

1. Indirect “EO” (Holland)

from the West coast:
2. Battalion of Saints “Second Coming” (San Diego)
3. Black Flag “My War”
4. American Social Holocaust “New Alliances” (Pleasant Hill)
5. The Feederz “1984”
6. Target of Demand “Man’s Ruin”

new English stuff:
7. The Varukers “Led to the Slaughter”
8. The Mao Maos “Facts of War”
9. Fallout “Do It”
10. The Destructors “TV Eye”

from the Midwest:
11. Sluggo “Figure It Out”
12. *** lost in the tape flip-over
13. *** lost in the tape flip-over
14. Rights of the Accused - R.O.T.A. (Chicago)

15. guest: Maria Estrada, recently returned from a trip to El Salvador, & Tom Burdon of CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador)

from Germany & Denmark:
16. Melonheads “Hoax” (Germany)
17. Inferno “Ronald Reagan” (Germany)
18. 0 Point “Mr. Right Guy” (Denmark)
19. City X “Computer Following” (Denmark)
20. A War of Destruction “Lob” (Denmark)
21. Electric Deads “Fish In A Pool” (Denmark)

22. Tesco Vee “God’s Bullies”

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #138

tape #138
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff, Ruth
guest: The Naked Lady Wrestlers: Max Volume, John

1. Toxic Reasons “Destroyer”

from the East coast:

2. The Burnt “Industrial Accident” (NJ)
3. Bad Posture “Get Tough” (NY)
4. Bill Elliot “Tell Me Why I Should Care About You”

from England:
5. The Insane “Berlin Wall”
6. Riot Squad “Government Schemes”
7. The Lost Cherries “Sexism’s Sick, Part 1”
8. Crass “You’re Already Dead”
9. The Sceptics “Vendetta”

from Australia:
10. Depression “World Leaders”
11. Box of Fish “Sex Cat Killer”
12. World War 24 “Heart Attack”
13. End Result “No Brains On Tap”

live from the Oval Office at the White House:
14. The Naked Lady Wrestlers “Lone Ranger theme”
15. guest: The Naked Lady Wrestlers (Max Volume & John)
16. The Naked Lady Wrestlers “Happy Birthday, Punk”

from Spain:
17. Ultimo Resort “Policia Nacional”
18. Ratas “Toreros after Ole”
19. R.I.P. “Anti-Militaire”
20. Slips Y Sperma “They Are The Law”