Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #138

tape #138
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff, Ruth
guest: The Naked Lady Wrestlers: Max Volume, John

1. Toxic Reasons “Destroyer”

from the East coast:

2. The Burnt “Industrial Accident” (NJ)
3. Bad Posture “Get Tough” (NY)
4. Bill Elliot “Tell Me Why I Should Care About You”

from England:
5. The Insane “Berlin Wall”
6. Riot Squad “Government Schemes”
7. The Lost Cherries “Sexism’s Sick, Part 1”
8. Crass “You’re Already Dead”
9. The Sceptics “Vendetta”

from Australia:
10. Depression “World Leaders”
11. Box of Fish “Sex Cat Killer”
12. World War 24 “Heart Attack”
13. End Result “No Brains On Tap”

live from the Oval Office at the White House:
14. The Naked Lady Wrestlers “Lone Ranger theme”
15. guest: The Naked Lady Wrestlers (Max Volume & John)
16. The Naked Lady Wrestlers “Happy Birthday, Punk”

from Spain:
17. Ultimo Resort “Policia Nacional”
18. Ratas “Toreros after Ole”
19. R.I.P. “Anti-Militaire”
20. Slips Y Sperma “They Are The Law”

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