Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #151

tape #151
60 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jumpin Jeff, Jello
Guests: Ted Falconi of Flipper, Walter – manager for BGK (Holland)

1. Körö "Acid Casualty" (Knoxville, TN)

from the East Coast:
2. The Moving Targets "Selfish" (Boston, MA)
3. The White Pigs "Killcop" (Hartford, CN)
4. Sorry "One More Step" (Boston, MA)

5. Guest: Ted Falconi of Flipper
7. Flipper "In Life My Friend"

from the U.K.:
8. Null and Void "Cold War"
9. Atrox "Kill"
10. The Disrupters "Bomb Heaven"
11. Outrage "Society Wins"

International set:
12. Mob 47 "Vi Rustar Dom Dör" (Sweden)
13. Extrem "Vorheilen ist besser als beugen" (Austria)
14. Ratas de Porao "Obrigando A Obedecer" (Brazil)
15. The Bedruvlers (Sweden)

16. BGK (Holland)
17. Guest: Walter, manager for BGK’s American tour BGK (Holland)

Neo-60s set:
18. The Chesterfield Kings "She Told Me Lies"
19. The Mystic Eyes "Enough of What I Need"
20. Electric Peace "Sniper on a Rooftop"
21. The Great Miracle Workers "Flashing Red Light" (Pacific Northwest)
22. The Sharp Turn "Everybody Knows But Me"

from the Southwest:
23. Corfu "War Poles" (Albuquerque, NM)
24.None Of The Above "Riot Kids" (Tulsa, OK)
25. Buddy Hinton’s Revenge (Salt Lake City, UT)

from Canada:
26. Some Weird Sin "Sky’s The Limit"

from Albuquerque:
27. Corfu "I Can’t Read"

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