Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #124

tape #124
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff & Rockin Ray

1. Kidnap "No S.S." (France)

from New Jersey
2. Fatal Rage ‘V.O.A."
3. Send Help "Buffy’s Dead"
4. The Worse "Future"
5. Public Disturbance "Intro"
6. The Chronic Sick "Reagan Bans"

from England:
7. Action Pack "Hook Line and Sinker"
8. The Blood "Degenerate"
9. Political Asylum "Slaughter"
10. First Offense "The Night the Punks Turned Ugly"

from Finland:
11. Appendix
12. Vatos
13. Tomper S.S.

from Germany:
14. Fur Kriegs Fasse
15. Sick Pleasure "Way Out"
16. Durstige Mann
17. The Neurotic Arseholes
18. Deutsche Trinkew Jungen
19. Inferno

20. The Sting Rays "Dinosaurs"
21. The Cramps "Call of the Wig Hat"
22. Rocochets "Running Wild"
23. The Story of Failure "This is Working"
24. Bone Orchard "Fats Terminal"

25. A band from Denmark (they couldn’t pronounce it)

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