Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #122

tape #122
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff & Jello
Guests: Dirk Dirksen

1. T.S.T. "The Clash" (Sweden)

from East Coast:
2. Deep Wound "Sick of Fun"
3. Artless "One Born Every Minute"
4. No Trend "For the Fun of It"
5. Agnostic Front "No One Rules"
6. The Abused "Nuclear Threat"

from England:
7. The Apostles "Strake Newington 8"
8. Conflict "The System Maintains"
9. Naked "Evil Facts"
10. The Cult Maniacs "Hairy"
11. The Blood "Stark Raving Normal"

Neo 60’s / Psych Punk
12. The Miracle Workers "Infected With You"
13. The Barracudas "Somebody"
14. Plastic Land "Elongations Man"
15. The Web "Sidewalk"
16. The Long Riders "10 5 60"
17. The Nomads "Have Love Will Travel"

18. Guest: Dirk Dirksen

from Australia:
19. The Crackerjacks "Long Blonde Hair"
20. The Spitfires "I Was a Teenage Teenagers Doing Rumble in the Jungle"
21. The Roadsters "The Cat"

22. Unidentified

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