Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #120

tape #120
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jello & Jeff

1. Carnage "The Few, The Proud, The Dead"

from the West Coast:
2. Conflict "Crawl Away"
3. Atrocity "Final Option"
4. Mike Watt "My Life Up to this Minute"
5. Crucifix
6. Red Scare "Keep America Beautiful"

from England:
7. One Way System "This is the Age"
8. Icons of Filth "Virus"
9. The Exploited "Rival Leaders"
10. Emebics "Progress?"
11. Reality Control "Man"
12. The A-Heads "Isolated"

from Italy:
13. Raw Power "You are a Victim"
14. Statione Suicida
15. Crack Turn
16. Pravda
17. Under Age
18. De Kleeno

from New Zealand:
19. No Tag "Mistaken Identity"
20. The Henchmen "I Got a Right"
21. The Suburban Reptiles "Saturday Night We Stay At Home"
22. Public Enemy "Fight For Your Life"
23. Riot 111 "1981"

24. The Personality Crisis "Wild Game"

25. Rosemary’s Baby "Small Minds Think Small"

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