Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #121

tape #121
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
Guests: Graham Hill – Livermore Action Group

1. Deep Wound "Deep Wound"

from the West Coast:
2. False Alarm "Self-Destruction"
3. The Accused "Reagan’s War Puppets"
4. John Doe "That Day Comes When"
5. The Drunk Injuns "Question Authority"

from England"
6. Total Chaos "Blood on the Roof"
7. Mayhem "Clear Cut"
8. One Way System "Nightmare"
9. Zero Defects "Drop The A-Bomb On Me"

10. Guest: Graham Hill of the Livermore Action Group

11. The Verukers "Protest and Survive"from Finland:
12. Raatus
13. Epunormaly
14. The Widows "I Wanna Be Your Friend"
15. Ratzia

from the Midwest:
16. No Response "Plastics"
17. The Mortal Micronauts "Feels Like"
18. Savage Belief
19. The Dark "You Got What You Wanted"

from Belguim/Holland:
20. Gepople
21. Agent Orange "Dope"
22. Sexy Bullocks "Oi"
23. Sexy Bullocks "Stayin’ Hurt"
24. Sexy Bullocks "Frigging Politicians"
25. Rabies "Buzzing Sound"

26. Bludgeon "American Wet Dream"

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