Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #156

tape #156
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Jello
Guests: Special Forces (from Berkeley): Bill, Orlando, Steve, Kirby.

1. Red Tide “Price for Progress” (B.C., Canada)

Southwest Set:
2. The Zany Guys “Hardcore” (Phoenix, AZ)
3. N.O.T.A. “This Country Once Was Free”
4. Mighty Sphincter “Heathouse” (Phoenix, AZ)
5. The Massacre Guys “The Hunted” (Salt Lake City, UT)
6. Toejam
7. The Offenders “I Hate Myself”
8. The Rhythm Pigs “Run-In” (Clint, TX)
9. Slaughterhouse 4 “Four More Hours” (Austin, TX)

U.K. Set:
10. Major Accident “Man On The Wall”
11. Discharge “The More I See”
12. The Partisans “The Money Rolls In”
13. The Last Rites “Message From The Dead” (Scotland)
14. Conflict “Increase The Pressure”

15. Special Forces (Berkeley, CA)
16. Guest: Special Forces
17. Special Forces “Savage Penguins”

from the West Coast:
18. Painted Willie “Kill It”
19. Saccharine Trust “Sunk”
20. Tragic Mulatto “Stop My Hand”
21. East Bay Ray “Trouble In Town”

22. Kaos “Union Man” (Pensacola, FL)

Mention of date/events during this show:
from one of the members of Special Forces, a Berkeley band: "Life can be very frustrating, and there's lots of things wrong with life in 1984 here in America ..."

"curfew in the city ... didn't appear until the convention was getting ready to come to town ..." (this tape is post-convention)

"... closing down the On-Broadway"

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