Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #166

tape #166
61 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, The Pus, Steve Spinali
guests: Bones (from 76% Uncertain) & Jeff R. (who used to work on COD fanzine, Connecticut)

1. N.O.T.A. “Toy Soldiers”

from the Midwest:
2. Naked Ray Gun “Stupid” (Chicago)
3. Scooter And The Worms “Searching Sister’s Room”  (Michigan)
4. Articles of Faith “Five O’ Clock” (Chicago)
5. Juvenile Truth “Lost Friend” (Wisconsin)

stuff with a 60s influence:
6. New Christs “Sun God” (Australia)
7. The Catatonics “Beltway Beat” (Baltimore)
8. The Hopelessly Obscure “She’s My Best Bette” (Boston)
9. The Fallen Angels “Amphetamine Blue” (UK)
10. The Dogs “Never Come Back” (France)

another global journey:
11. Electronaze (France)
12. The Maniacs “Violence” (Germany)
13. Funeral Oration (Holland)
14. Tin Can Army (Germany)

15. 76% Uncertain (Connecticut)
16. guests: Bones (from 76% Uncertain), Jeff R. (who used to work on COD fanzine, Connecticut)
17. Lost Generation “Slap The Monkey” (Connecticut)

from the West Coast:
18. Black Flag “My Ghetto”
19. The Pop-O-Pies “I Love NY”
20. The Pop-O-Pies “A Political Song”
21. Flipper “Talk’s Cheap”

from the East Coast:
22. Sorry “No Concern”  (Boston)

from Texas
23. Meat Joy “Proud To Be Stupid” (Austin)

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