Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #165

tape #165
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve

1. Subterfuge “Mercury” (Las Vegas)

2. Death Sentence “Violence” (Vancouver)
3. The Stretch Marks “What Did You See?” (Winnipeg)

New stuff from Europe:
4. Solia del D’ore “Verde” (Italy)
5. Reality Control
6. Chaotic Discord “Death to Disco”
7. Faction “War” (England)
8.   The Idiots “Junge komm bald wieder” (Germany)
9.   De Bogies “A-Social 81”(Holland)

from the Midwest:
10. Guild of Pain “Fury” (Michigan)
11. No More War “Nuclear Fear”
12. Soul Asylum “Money Talks”
13. Sacred Cows “Abandoned By History”
14. Plastic Land “Elongation”
15. Die Kreuzen “On The Street”

from the East Coast:
16. Vatican Commandos “Point Me To The End, parts 1&2” (Connecticut)
17. The Freeze “No One Is Ever Coming Home” (Boston)
18. Homo Picnic “Blind” (Philadelphia)
19. No Milk On Tuesday “Kill Myself With Drugs” (Connecticut)

from Texas:
20. Scratch Acid “Greatest Gifts” (San Antonio)
21. Napalm
22. 3-Day Stubble “Jesse Boy”
23. Butthole Surfers

from the D.C. area
24. Assault and Battery “Evidence”
25. Braille Party (Maryland)

26. Subterranean “How Ya Feelin’”

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