Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #162

tape #162* (see date reference below)
62 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Brian “Pusshead”
guests: Perry & Bob of Culturcide (Houston), Jonathan from Stanglehold (Boston)

1. Musical Suicide “Guns and Ammo” (Cincinnati, OH)

from England:
2. The Ejected “Afghan Rebels”
3. Vicious Rumors “Vicious Rumors”
4. Paranoia “Graveyard of Hell”
5. Dole Q “Action Packed”
6. Nick Toczeck’s Britanarchists “Stiff With A Quiff”

from Europe:
7. Aus 98 “Schwarze Raben” (Germany)
8. Porno Patrol “Forget It” (Germany)
9. The Bristles “Last Survivor” (Sweden)
10. Nebenwirkung “Total Voll” (Germany)
11. TDP “AJZ” (Switzerland)

West Coast set:
12. Code of Honor “Don’t Tell Me”
13. Stukas Over Bedrock “Life Like Yogi”
14. The Minutemen “Nothing Indeed”
15. Toxic Reasons “Can’t Get Away”

16. Culturcide  (Houston)
17. Guest: Perry & Bob of Culturcide
18. Culturcide “The Star Spangled Banner”

Brian’s set:
19. STD “The Operation” (Tennessee)
20. F “Citizen’s Arrest” (Florida)
21. Coral “It’s OK” (Tennessee)

22. Jello Biafra & Stoney Burke from the Dallas Republican Convention (August 20-23, 1984)
23. Guest: Jonathan from Stanglehold (Boston)
24. Stranglehold “She’s Not Leaving”

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