Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #136

tape #136
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff
guest: The Crucifucks, on tour from Lansing, MI

1. SNFU “Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy” (Edmonton, Canada)

from the East Coast:
2. Marginal Man “Identity” (DC)
3. The Pajama Slavedancers “The Last Angry Man” (Western Mass.)
4. Faith “No Choice”
5. No Thanks “Brainwash” (NY)
6. Fatal Vision “Grass and Sheep Saga” (NY)

from England:
7. Protest “Hypocrite”
8. The Defects “Song for Mark Walker”
9. Crowbar “Hippie Punks”
10. Broken Bones “Decapitated”

a psychedelic punk set:
11. White Light “William”
12. The Prodigal “You’ve Got Me”
13. The Esquires “Come on, Come on”
14. Knights Bridge “Make Me Some Love” (TX)
15. The Stereo Shoestring “On The Road South”

16. The Crucifucks “Hinckley Had a Vision” (Lansing, MI)
17. Guest: The Crucifucks
18. The Crucifucks “I Am the Establishment”

from all over Europe:
19. The Destructions “The Party of Flies” (Finland)
20. Skitt Lars “Control Central en Hersker” (Norway)
21. Kansan Uutiset “Cheerless Morning, Part 2” (Finland)
22. Ingron Hutlos (Sweden)

23. Septic Death “Quit”

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