Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #92

tape #92
58 minutes
hosts: Tim & Ruth
guests: Richard Moore of Double O & 5 guys from Minor Threat

Side one
1. Agent Orange "Feminist"
from England:
2. The Bloods "Megalomania"
3. Peter & the Test-Tube Babies "Zombie Creeping Flesh"
4. The Special Duties "Too Much Talking"
5. Criminal Damage

from the East Coast:
6. SSD Control "Exclaim"
7. Urban Waste "Igmorant"
8. No Thanks "Ready to Die"
9. Double O "Your Loss"

10. Guests: Richard Moore from Double O & 5 roadies (Minor Threat)

Side two
1. Guests continue
2. Minor Threat "Betrayed"

from So. Cal:
3. The Hated "Victim of Lies"
4. Manson Youth "’Bleep’ Brain"
5. Aggression "Brain Bondage"
6. Manifest Destiny "Klu Klux Klan Company Man"

Punk cover versions:
7. The Straubs "House of the Rising Sun"
8. SOA "Stepping Stone Party"
9. Husker DU "Sunshine Superman"
10. The Young & the Useless "Rise & Shine"
11. DOA "Class Wars"

12. The Head Cleaners (from Sweden)

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