Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #117

tape #117
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
Guests: D.O.A.

1. Red Tide "Nato Actionaut"

from The Midwest:
2. Husker Du "Deadly Skies"
3. Distain "Apartments"
4. Chemo Therapy "I Don’t Want to be Watched"

from England:
5. Cronstat Uprising "Why the Black Flag"
6. Omega Tribe "Man Made"
7. The Subhumans "Get Out of My Head"
8. Verookers "Android"
9. The English Dogs "Free to Kill"

from the East Coast:
10. The Mob "Unity Lives On"
11. Fatal Existence "Fatal Existence"
12. Iron Cross "You’re a Rebel"
13. Better Living "I Hate Waiting"
14. Chronic Disorder
15. Zero Mentality "Dead End"
16. The Prevaricators "Livin’ in Khaki"

from the West Coast:
17. The Frantics "You’re Ill"
18. Verbal Abuse
19. The Detonators "Black & White"
20. Maker Guys "Cold Storage"
21. The Stains "Young Nazi"
22. Poison Idea "M.I.A."

23, D.O.A. "Burn it Down"
24. Guest: D.O.A.
25. D.O.A. "Kill the Messanger"
26. D.O.A. continued
27. D.O.A. "Direct Action"

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