Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #116

tape #116
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jello Biafra, Klaus Flouride, P.H. Pelligro and Ray

Special About Australian Music
1. Razar "Stampout Disco"
2. The Victims "Television Addict"
3. Psycho Surgeons "Wild Weekend"
4. The Saints "Demolition Girl"
5. Talking about the scene in Australia
6. The Mad Flowers "Blue Murder"
7. Public Execution "Corporate Child"
8. Depression "Ronnie Reagan"
9. Civil Dissident "Dick for Brains"
10. Talking about the different scenes in different cities
11. Minute Man "Voodoo Slaves"
12. Hoodoo Gurus "Let’s All Turn On"
13. The Lime Spiders "Can’t Wait Long"
14. The Scientist "Swampland"
15. Talking about Brisbane
16. The Johnny’s "Dead Man Joe"
17. Grong Grong

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