Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #115

tape #115
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jello
Guests: The Breakouts

1. The Bristles (Sweden)

East Coast:
2. Fatal Existence "We Don’t Want It"
3. Nuclear Crayons "Political Punk"
4. Rude Awakening "Sid’s Dead"
5. Antidote "Zero Mentality"
6. The Blunder Boys "Middle Class Morals"
7. Moral Majority Dance Band "There’s A Little Bit of Nazi in All of Us"

8. Todlich
9. Sick Pleasure "Problems"
10. The Maniacs
11. Inferno
12. The Upright Citizens "Now or Never"
13. The Breakouts (no song title given)

14. The Breakouts "That Don’t Apply to Me"
15. Guest: The Breakouts
16. The Breakouts "No More"

17. The Lime Spiders "25th Hour"

18. Celebrate Rifles "You’re Gonna Cry"
19. Minute Man "I Want to be Your Minute Man"
20 The Rocks "You’re So Boring"
21. Depression "Grown Up Strange"
22. Progression Cult

23. Stress D.A.

24. The Birthday Party "Bully Bones"

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