Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #72

tape #72
60 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
guest: Toxic Reason

Side One
1. Segunda

from the east coast:
2. Government Issue
3. The Freeze "Violent Arrest"
4. October Days "Take Back the Night"
5. The Betrayed "Betrayed by You"
6. G.G. Allen "No Rules"
7. Negative FX "The Fun, The Proud, The Dead"

9. Sadist Faction "Twisted Cross"
10. Naughty Women "Jealousy"
11. Descendents "I'm Not A Punk"
12. Anti "New Underground"

from the midwest:
13. Zero Defects "Life is Worse"
14. Negative Approach " Can't Tell No"
15. Offbeats "M-16"

from no. california:
16. M.A.D. "Everything is Beautiful"
17. Dead Kennedy's "Forward to Death"
18. Pop Œo Pies "Trucking"
19. The Bacon "Tim's In the Marines & He Can't Get Out"

20. Toxic Reasons "Riot Squad"

Side 2
1. Guests: Toxic Reasons
2. Toxic Reasons "How do you Feel?"
3. More with guests
4. Toxic Reasons "The Shape of Things to Come"

5. The Violators "Live Fast, Die Young"
6. Threats "Politicians & Ministers"
7. Genocides "Born to Lose"
8. Exploited "Computers Don't Blunder"
9. Abrasive Wheels "May Day"
10. No Rock Stars "Stop"
11. Corrosion of Conformity "Skinny Zen"

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