Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #131

tape #131
61 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Jeff, Ruth

Greatest Hits of ’83, Part 2

1. Sado-Nation “We’re Not Equal” (Portland, OR)
2. Jerry’s Kids “Crucify Me” (Boston, MA)
3. The Freeze “Voices From My Window”
4. DYS “Brotherhood”
5. SSD “Under The Influence” (Boston, MA)
6. The Proletariat“ Torn Curtain”

German Set
7. Inferno “Got ist tot”
8. The Upright Citizens “The End”
9. Bas Kaps “Keinmet Leid”
10. Fer Krieze Fas “Starved to Death”

Southern California Set
11. Suicidal Tendencies “Institutionalize”
12. Youth Brigade “Sink With California”
13. Anti “Your Government’s Calling You”

Holland Set
14. BGK “Electroshock” (Amsterdam)
15. Mornington Crescent “In Bed” (Amsterdam)
16. Agent Orange “Dope” (Amsterdam)
17. Zmid “Lose It”

D.C. Set
18. Government Issue “Teenager In A Box”
19. Scream “Solidarity”
20. United Mutation “Pass Out”
21. Minor Threat “Out of Step”

Canadian Set
22. The Neos “Destruct” (Vancouver)
23. Unnatural Silence “Culture Blank” (Summerland, B.C.)
24. Youth Youth Youth “Greed” (Toronto)
25. Red Tide “Nato Actionaut” (Victoria, B.C.)

European Set
26. Electric Deads “Fish In A Pool” (Denmark)
27. Kidnap “No SS” (France)
28. Threstier “Laj” (Yugoslavia)
29. Las Vulpes “Inquisicion” (Spain)

30. The Wipers “Romeo” (Portland, OR)

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