Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #132

tape #132
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff, Ruth

from Nevada:
1. Seven Seconds “Fight Your Own Fight”

from the South:
2. White Cross “American Way” (Virginia)
3. NOTA “Sick Society” (Tulsa, OK)
4. The Stillborn Christians “New Right” (NC)
5. DDT “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” (Atlanta, GA)
6. The Dissapointed Parents “Am I Getting Through?” (Louisiana)
7. Hated Youth “Hardcore Rules” (Talahassee, FL)

from England:
8. Anthrax “Got It All Wrong”
9. The Apostles “The Stoke Newington Adolph”
10. Chaos U.K.“Insane Youth”
11. Anti-Sect
12. The Werkers “Don’t Conform”
13. The Exploited “Rival Leaders”

from Texas:
14. The Big Boys “Same Old Blues”
15. Bombsquad “Punishment Time”
16. Doomsday Massacre “Attack”
17. The Butthole Surfers “Something”

from Italy:
18. Indigesti “No Al Sistema”
19. Raw Power “Fuck Authority”
20. Nabat “Sensa Soldi, Sensa Casa”
21. Declino “Mortale Tristeza”

Best of the Year’s Neo-60s:
22. The Nomads “Have Love, Will Travel” (Sweden)
23. The Barracudas “The Next Time Around”
24. The Left “You’re So ---”
25. The Liars “Help You Ann” (Boston)
26. The Banana Men “The Crusher” (England)
27. The Miracle Workers “Infected With You”

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