Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #133

tape #133
57 minutes
hosts: Tim, Steve, Jeff
guest: The Offenders from Austin, TX

1. Jerry’s Kids “Insanity” (Albuquerque)

from the East Coast:
2. Morning Noise “Laser Lights” (New Jersey)
3. The Misfits “Demonomania” (New Jersey)
4. Marginal Man “Pandora’s Box” (DC)
5. Vatican Commandos “Let Down Again” (Connecticut)
6. Disorderly Conduct (NY)

from England:
7. The Ejected “24 Years”
8. Active “Shout”
9. Red Alert “The Revolution Will Come”

from Germany:
10. ZSD “Sex”
11. The Nicotines “Geiserfauer”
12. Razzia “Kriegsterstand”
13. Vas Caps “You Think”

14. The Offenders “What It’s About” (Austin, TX)
15. Guest: The Offenders
16. The Offenders “Youth Riot”

from Canada, late 70s punk:
17. The Viletones “Screaming Fist”
18. Arson “Coho? Coho!”
19. Forgotten Rebels “Angry”
20. Lowlife “Thinking Naturally”

from the West Coast:
21. Pariah “Inside, Looking Out”
22. The Sluglords “FTW” (San Francisco)
23. 10,000 Hertz “Youth in Crisis” (CA)
24. Agent Orange “Out Of Limits” (CA)

from the Midwest:
25. Human Suffrage “100% Middle-Class” (Columbus, OH)

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