Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #130

tape #130
58 minutes
Hosts: Tim, Jeff

Greatest Hits of ’83, Part 1
1. The Stalin “Nothing” (Japan)

Mid-West Set
2. The State “Attention” (Ann Arbor, MI)
3. Husker Du “Deadly Skies”
4. The Necros “Take ‘em up”
5. Articles of Faith “Buy This War”
6. Die Kreuzen “Think For Me”

Finland Set
7. Terveet Kädet “Halloween”
8. Riistetyt “Schizophrenia”
9. Tampere Ss “Sotaa”
10. Rattus “WC Rajahtaa”
11. Pandix “Piene heinen”

Northern California Set
12. DRI “Sad To Be”
13. Crucifix “Rise and Fall”
14. The Avengers “We Are The One”
15. The Dicks “Bourgeois Fascist Pig”
16. MDC “Multi Death Corporation”

Sweden Set
17. The Skitslickers “Späckta snutskallar”
18. The Headcleaners “Death Threat”
19. Existenz “Guri Boss”
20. TST “Feed The Hungry”
21. Unter Den Linden “Fat Boys”

English Set
22. Disorder “Rampton Song”
23. Anti-System “Animal Welfare”
24. Mayhem “Gentle Murder”
25. Ultra-Violent “Degeneration”

East Coast Set
26. Adrenaline OD “Status Symbol” (New Jersey)
27. Reflex From Pain “Holy Pictures” (Connecticut)
28. Send Help “Buffy’s Dead” (New Jersey)
29. CIA “Hazard” (Connecticut)

New York Set
30. Cause For Alarm “United Races”
31. The Nihilistics “Badge of Shame”
32. Satan’s Cheerleaders “We Want You”
33. Heart Attack “English Fucks”

34. Olho Seco “Nada” (Brazil)

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