Thursday, November 3, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #171

tape #171
60 minutes
air date on LUVeR:
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff

1. E-13 “Misguided Missile Mouth” (Oregon)

from California:
2. The Rotters “Howard Hughes”
3. The Hags “Die In My Sleep” (So. Cal.)
4. Mad Parade “Frightened Again” (So. Cal.)
5. The Breakouts “Start Now” (San Francisco)

new English stuff:
6. Major Accident “Cue The Dead”
7.   The Folk Devils “Nice People”
8. Protest “Beating The Meat”
9. Those Obnoxious Types “Glad I’m Sick”

from around the world:
10. Terveet Kädet
11. Juggernaut “Everything From Near” (Italy)
12. Tin Can Army “Guten Morgen BFD” (Germany)
13. TST “Sweden” (Sweden)
14. Pandemonium “Computer Play” (Holland)
15. Vonbrigdi “Manst Skeptnur” (Iceland)
16. Funeral Oration “Ultra Waste” (Holland)

odds and ends:
17. Asbestos Rockpile “Industrial Religion” (Maryland)
18. Leather Nun (Sweden)
19. Eraserhead “Obedience” (U.K.)
20. Gray Shadows “Gray Shadows” (Italy)
21. The Replacements “We’re Coming Out”
22. Negative Trend “Mercenaries”

23. Los Peos “A Bailar” (Argentina)

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