Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #69

tape #69
60 minutes approximately
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jumpin Jeff
no guests

Side One

1. The Forgotten Rebels "England Keep Your Stars"

From the MidWest:
2. Blight
3. Tar Babies "Be Humble"
4. World Gone Crazy
5. The Crucifucks "Hinkley Out of Vision"

6. The Skeptics "Routine Machine"
7. Rabid "Police Victim"
8. The Dead Wretched "Infiltration"
9. Attack "Murder In The Subway"
10. Crash "Religion"
11. Ruth talks about her trip to England

Side Two
1. Snookie Tate "New Time"
2. The Tools "Smoke Filled Room"
3. Steve Treatment "Hooked on a Trend"
4. Trash "Priorities"
5. The Necros "Hate My School"
6. Barry & Corey of The Necros talk about school
7. The Necros "IQ 32"

From Germany:
8. Honkus "Kunst"
9. Upright Citizens "I Hate Church"
10. Hahnrohrer "Start Guerilla"
11. Extrabright "3D"
12. Daily Terror "Natawar Pact"

From the East Coast:
13. Morning Noise "Radical"
14. The Misguided "CCTV"
15. The Scream "We're Fed Up"

16. Bad Brains "Joshua's Song

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