Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #80

Maximum Rock N Roll #80
Tape #81
61 minutes 20 seconds
hosts: Tim and Ruth

Husker Du “From the Gut”

from the East Coast:
1. FU’s “Daisy Chain”
2. The Freeze “Guilty Face”
3. The Abused “Nuclear Threat”
4. Even Worse “Mouse or Rat”
5. Wasted Talent “This is America”
6. White Cross “Fascist”

from England:
1. The Pagans “Wave Goodbye”
2. The Amoebics “Winter”
3. GBH “Race Against Time”
4. Organized Chaos “Victim”
5. Flux of Pink Indians “Take Heed”

from the West:
1. Execution “The Bum”
2. Urban Assault “Shock Value”
3. The Sluts “Rip Off Rocker”
4. The Neos “Destruct”

Guest: Fang from Berkeley

from Europe:
1. Trust “Dialogue de Sourds”
2. The Allies
3. Cottesblocken “KZ”
4. Suspense “Welfare”

Old English Punk Bands:
1. Screwdriver “Back With A Bang”
2. The Vibrators “Dragnet”
3. Cockspire “Argy Bargy”

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