Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #198

tape #198
55 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
Guest: Sacra Political

Side one
1. Death Puppy "They Were Dressed for Success"

from West Coast:
2. The Minutemen "The Red & The Black"
3. RKO "Evil In You"
4. 7 Seconds "Red Baloon"

from France:
5. Gogol & Mau Mau’s "Destruction"
6. Russian Roulette "Fucking Car"
7. MKB "European Death Winners"
8. The Froggies "In Case of Sunrise"
9. Chromosone 4

from Japan:
10. Aka "Finger Love"
11. Dak Oi "Last Punk Rockers"
12. Sadoma "Breaking Glass"

Side two
1. Sacra Political "Napalm Baby"
2. Guest: Sacra Political
3. Sacra Political "The Ballad of Bernard Goetz"

from East Coast:
4. The Flies "Put it all Behind Me"
5. The Psychos "Barriers"
6. Beastie Boys "Egg Raid on Mojo"
7. Mega Dosage "Baby Fae"

8. a band from Poland

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