Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #85

tape #85
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
Guest: Crucifix

Side one
1. The Rejectors "Struggle

from California:
2. Lost Cause "Firing Line"
3. Mood of Defiance "Divided States of America"
4. Bad Influence "Mental War Patient"
5. Code of Honor "What Are We Gonna Do?"

from England:
6. Omega Tribe
7. Alternative "Who Sussed"
8. Anthrax "Got It All Wrong"
9. Instant Agony "Anti Police"
10. Anti-System "Break On"

from East Coast"
11. Kraut "Army Sport"
12. Scream "You Wars"
13. Scream "Killer"
14. American Dream "Government Policy"
15. White Cross "Nuke Attack"

16. Crucifix
17. Guest: Crucifix

Side two
1. Guest: Crucifix
2. Crucifix "Prejudice"

from Midwest:
3. The Clit Boys "So Funny"
4. The Meatmen "Mr. Tapeworm"
5. DeKreutzen "Pain"
6. Nota (None of the Above) "Sick Society"

from America:
7. The Marching Plague "Rock ‘n Roll Asshole"
8. Rosemary’s Babies "I Got Beat By Becky Bandage"
9. Ten Minute Warning "Buried Alive"
10. The Butthole Surfers "The Revenge of Anus Presley"
11. Self Abuse "I’m Not the One"

12. DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) "Reaganomics"
13. DRI "Commuter Man"

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