Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maximum Rock N Roll #87

tape #87
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff & Jello
Guest: John Reese from Target Video

Side one
1. No Labels "Ego"

from Holland:
2. Riot "Children"
3. EX "Weapons for El Salvador"
4. En De Leanderan "Don’t Bother Them"
5. Agent Orange

Something other than Thrash that they like:
6. Crisis "Holocaust"
7. Ad Nauseam
8. Aftermath U.K. "Freedom Fighter"
9. The Cult Maniacs "Blitz"

from Germany:
10. Corpus Christi
11. La Lura "In the Light"

Side Two
Germany continues:
1. White Russia "The Spirit of 53"

2. Guest: John Reese of Target Video

Live at Target Recordings:
3. Channel 3 "I’ve Got a Gun"
4. Channel 3
5. Circle Jerks "Parade of the Horribles"

from the U.S.A.:
6. Minor Threat "No Reason"
7. United Mutation "Combat Boots"
8. Minor Threat "Out of Step"

from England:
9. The Partisans "I Never Needed You"
10. Alternative "Pacify"
11. Blitz "New Age"

12. Black Flag "No Values"

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