Thursday, January 21, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #90

tape #90
59 minutes
hosts: Tim, Jeff & Ruth

Side one
1. Divine Right "Riot Act"

from East Coast:
2. The Betrayed "Self-Oppression"
3. ism "I Think I Love You"
4. Fat Head Suburbia "The Masses"
5. Why Die "Rizzo’s Coming Back to Philadelphia"
6. Adrenaline O.D. "Old People Talk Loud"
7. No Thanks "Office Jerk"
8. Armed Citizens "Thrill of it All"

from England:
9. The Accursed "Hit Side"
10. Major Accident "That’s You"
11. The Mob "Another Day, Another Death"

from California:
12. Slaughterhouse "Palestinian Massacre"
13. The Hated "2:02 a.m."
14. Think Tank "Mouse that Roared"
15. Legal Weapon "Ice Age"

from Holland:
16. Riot "Wart"

17. Talking about the war in Nicaragua

Side two
1. Talk about Nicaragua continues

2. Plasticland "Driving Accident Prone"
3. The Del Fuegos "I Always Call Her Back"
4. The Chesterfield Kings "The Dark Corner"
5. The Barracudas "Eleventh Hour"

from U.K.:
6. Screwdriver "I Don’t Like You"
7. Roof Wrecks "Capital Letters"
8. The Outcasts "Beating & Screaming Part 2"
9. The Vibrators "Watch Out Baby"

10. The Young Lions "Young America"

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